Tricks to buy a new cell phone that suits your needs and without overspending

Tricks to buy a new cell phone that suits your needs and without overspending

Today, the cell phone is practically an extension of our bodythis because we use it for almost all daily tasks and here at RCN Radio, we teach you some points to consider when buying a cell phone.

According to an article published by the consulting company and market analyst Gartner, mobile device sales in 2021 grew by 6%, this represents a significant recovery since In 2020 due to covid 19, phone sales decreased by 12.5%.

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First, the price of the cell phone and the needs you need the phone to coverNeedless to say, the ideal is to choose a phone that is in the range of purchasing power you have and meets the greatest number of needs.

The next point to check is the phone battery. Currently, modern lithium-ion batteries are the ones that provide power to most phonesHowever, looking at the battery life of the cell phone makes a very big difference in the mobile experience.

On the other hand, the issue of the materials from which the cell phone is built is a point to consider, because as expected in the market there are countless phones with different hyper-resistant materials that are ideal for people who handle the cell phone in scenarios ends.

Phone manufacturers are not only dedicated to the assembly of devices, but also offer complementary products between their products creating an ecosystem. For example, Apple, Huawei or Samsung are some of the brands that sell complementary products to their phones, if you are a fan of the advantages of connectivity between devices that an ecosystem provides, evaluate the compatibility of your new phone with this one.

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Last but not least, security, today our cell phone stores a large amount of information about us, bank information, residence address, sensitive information of family members, etc. Therefore it is very important to keep it safelooking for a device that has security updates gradually is vital to prevent the information contained in the cell phone from being stolen or cloned.

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