Auxílio Brasil installments paid on Mondays are now advanced

Beneficiaries of NIS final 2 receive the Auxílio Brasil today

Caixa Econômica Federal pays today (20) the September installment of Auxílio Brasil to beneficiaries with a Social Registration Number (NIS) ending in 2. This is the second installment with a minimum amount of R$ 600, which will remain in effect until December, as constitutional amendment promulgated in July by the National Congress.Beneficiaries of NIS final 2 receive the Auxílio Brasil today

The constitutional amendment also authorized the inclusion of 2.2 million families in Auxílio Brasil. As a result, the total number of beneficiaries served by the program rose to 20.2 million this semester from this month.

The beneficiary will be able to consult information about the payment dates, the benefit amount and the composition of the installments in two applications: Auxílio Brasil, developed for the social program, and Caixa Tem, used to monitor the bank’s digital savings accounts.

In January, the minimum amount of Auxílio Brasil will return to R$ 400, unless a new proposal to amend the Constitution is approved. Traditionally, Auxílio Brasil dates follow the Bolsa Família model, which paid on the last ten working days of the month.

See the calendar:

end of NIS June july ago set out nov ten
1 06/17 07/18 08/18 09/19 10/18 11/17 12/12
two 06/20 07/19 08/19 09/20 10/19 11/18 12/13
3 06/21 07/20 08/22 09/21 10/20 11/21 12/14
4 06/22 07/21 08/23 09/22 10/21 11/22 12/15
5 06/23 07/22 08/24 09/23 10/24 11/23 12/16
6 06/24 07/25 08/25 09/26 10/25 11/24 12/19
7 06/27 07/26 08/26 09/27 10/26 11/25 12/20
8 06/28 07/27 08/29 09/28 10/27 11/28 12/21
9 06/29 07/28 08/30 09/29 10/28 11/29 12/22
0 06/30 07/29 08/31 09/30 10/31 11/30 12/23

Basic benefits

Auxílio Brasil has three basic benefits and six supplementary benefits, which can be added if the beneficiary gets a job or has a child who excels in sports, scientific and academic competitions.

Can receive the extra benefits families with income per capita of up to R$100, considered to be in a situation of extreme poverty, and of up to R$200, considered to be in a condition of poverty.

THE Brazil Agency elaborated Q&A guide on the Aid Brazil. Among the doubts that the beneficiary can ask are criteria for integrating the social program, nine different types of benefits and what happened with Bolsa Família and emergency aid, which were in force until October last year.

Gas Allowance

This month there will be no payment of Auxílio Gás, which benefits families registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico). As the benefit is only granted every two months, payment will return in October.

Anyone who is included in CadÚnico and has at least one family member who receives the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) can receive the Gas Aid. The law that created the program defined that the woman responsible for the family will have preference, as well as victims of domestic violence.

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