Tribute to one year after the death of former Minister of Transport Mario Meoni

Tribute to one year after the death of former Minister of Transport Mario Meoni

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One year after the death of the former Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni, a tribute was held this Saturday in the 9 de Julio square of the Buenos Aires city of Junín, where he was from, which included a photographic exhibition and a video projection that reviewed his lifetime.

The event was attended by Laura Oliva, Meoni’s wife; the transport ministers, Alexis Guerrera; and Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis; and the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, among other officials and personalities.

“We are commemorating and remembering Mario Meoni one year after his physical disappearance, but not his disappearance in our thoughts, in our hearts, in what has to do with his legacy”said his successor in office Guerrera during the act.

“Also in the responsibility that he left to all of us who are part of the Ministry of Transport, trying to bring about the transformation that he imagined, that he devised and that we know is possible despite the difficulties, trying to honor that legacy,” he added.

Between 10 am and 5 pm this Saturday in Plaza 9 de Julio, the day organized by Meoni’s family and the Junín Renovating Front was extended, with the presence of their relatives, friends and political leaders.

The exhibition “The value of the word” was also exhibited, with images and videos that recounted childhood, memories of youth, family moments, even his days as a minister and a tour of his political life.

Besidesattendees had a book in which they could leave messages for the Meoni family.

Then, Meoni’s wife, the ministers Guerrera and Katopodis, and Massa – along with Guillermo Tamarit, rector of Unnoba, among other officials and personalities – toured the facilities of the Universidad Nacional del Noroeste in the province of Buenos Aires, and participated of the inauguration of a SUM that will bear the name of the deceased former minister.

Also present were the Undersecretary of National Transport Planning and Coordination, Micaela Morán; the Undersecretary of Administrative Management, Julio Alejandro Roca; the president of Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado, Damián Contreras; and the executive director of the National Commission for Transport Regulation, José Arteaga.

In addition, the president of Argentine Trains Operations and Infrastructure, Martin Marinucci; and the president of Argentine Water and Sanitation (AySA) and Malena Galmarini, among others.

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