Treasury will pay RD$140 million to beneficiaries of FASE and Pa' Ti whose transfers were returned

Treasury will pay RD$140 million to beneficiaries of FASE and Pa’ Ti whose transfers were returned

The Treasury Nacional informed today that it will pay more than DR$140 million to 15,474 beneficiaries of the social programs of the Solidarity Assistance Fund for Employees (PHASE) and the Independent Worker Assistance Program (for you) whose bank transactions were returned for different reasons while they were in effect.

The National Treasurer, Luis Rafael Delgado Sánchez, explained that almost 31 thousand bank transactions were rejected; The beneficiaries will be able to verify their pending payments by entering their ID number and date of birth in the portal

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The total number of people with money available is 15,474, of which 12,688 belong to Pa’ Ti and 2,786 to PHASE. The amount to be delivered in Pa’ Ti is RD$114.1 million, and in PHASE RD$26.1 million.

People will have a period of 30 days from February 17 to proceed with the claim process. The money will be delivered personally, by check.

Delby de los Santos, Vice Minister of the Treasury, specified that employees who have already been dismissed from their companies can receive the benefit.

The national treasurer together with Delby de los Santos, Vice Minister of the Treasury. (EDDY VITTINI/FREE DIARY )

Whoever has a single payment can receive from RD$4,500 in Pa’ Ti and RD$5,000 in PHASE. Those who have several payments, will be able to receive more money.

Companies may not deduct from their employees the amount they receive from PHASE, since that program “prescribed”, De los Santos clarified. He added that “that has nothing to do with the company where (the employee) currently works.”

The National Treasurer exhorted these beneficiaries: “That they request their payments in a timely manner and that they remain attentive to the information and updates of the process that we will be providing at all times through our website and our social network accounts”.

“We guarantee full payment to all beneficiaries that apply in each case, request in a timely manner within the stipulated period and comply with the conditions established for the delivery of their securities”, he stated.

Delgado Sánchez reiterated to the beneficiaries that, for more information on the procedure, access the website treasury.gob.doin the Publications section, to see the “Procedure for claiming and collecting subsidies PHASE and PA’ TI”, or consult the social network accounts of the institution.

The money that is not claimed will be returned to the Treasury Single Account.

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