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Treasury Direct sales exceed redemptions by BRL 1.4 billion in August

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Treasury Direct sales exceed redemptions by BRL 1.4 billion in August

Sales of Treasury Direct bonds exceeded redemptions by R$1.4 billion in August this year. According to data released today (27) by the National Treasury, sales of the program reached R$ 3.835 billion last month. The redemptions totaled BRL 2.434 billion, of which BRL 2.245 billion related to public bond buybacks and BRL 189.1 million to maturities, when the term of the security ends and the government needs to reimburse the investor with interest.

The securities most sought after by investors were those adjusted by the basic interest rate, the Selic, which corresponded to 63.2% of the total. Inflation-linked bonds accounted for 24.2% of sales, while fixed-rate bonds, with interest defined at the time of issuance, 12.7%.

The total stock of Treasury Direct reached R$ 98.23 billion at the end of August, an increase of 1.8% in relation to the previous month (R$ 96.45 billion) and of 40.7% in relation to August of the year past (R$ 69.83 billion).


As for the number of investors, 637,554 new participants signed up for the program last month. The number of investors reached 20,665,899, up 65.8% in the last 12 months. The total number of active investors (with open operations) reached 2,069,559, an increase of 26.6% in 12 months. In the month, there were 29,683 new active investors.

The demand for Treasury Direct by small investors can be observed by the considerable number of sales up to R$ 5 thousand, which corresponded to 82.5% of the total of 606,878 sales operations that took place in August. Only investments of up to R$ 1 thousand represented 61.2%. The average value per operation was R$ 6,319.57.

Investors are preferring medium-term bonds. Sales of bonds with a term of one to five years represented 78.7% and those with a term of five to ten years, 5.9% of the total. Papers with a maturity of more than ten years reached 15.3% of sales.

O swing Treasury Direct is available on the National Treasury’s website.

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Treasury Direct was created in January 2002 to popularize this type of application and allow individuals to purchase government bonds directly from the National Treasury, over the internet, without the intermediation of financial agents. The investor only needs to pay a fee to the brokerage responsible for the custody of the securities.

More information can be obtained at site from the Direct Treasury.

The sale of bonds is one of the ways that the government has to raise funds to pay debts and honor commitments. In exchange, the National Treasury undertakes to return the amount with an additional fee that may vary according to the Selic, inflation indices, exchange rate or a rate defined in advance in the case of fixed-rate securities.

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