TRE-SP approves calendar for supplementary election in Pinhalzinho

TRE-SP approves calendar for supplementary election in Pinhalzinho

The supplementary election for the municipality of Pinhalzinho, in the interior of São Paulo, will be held on the same date as the second round of the general elections, on October 30, according to the resolution approved by the Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo (TRE-SP) in August this year.TRE-SP approves calendar for supplementary election in Pinhalzinho

Women voters in good standing and with electoral domicile in the municipality until May 4, 2022 are eligible to vote. Candidates for mayor, in addition to the electoral domicile, must have party affiliation up to six months before the election.

The deadline for submitting the application for registration of candidacy ends on September 27th and electoral propaganda will be allowed from October 3rd.

The supplementary election will be held because the winner of the 2020 municipal elections, with 55.86% of the valid votes, Tião Zanardi (PSC), had his candidacy rejected by the São Paulo Electoral Court due to ineligibility arising from the Clean Record Law (LC 64/ 90). Zanardi was convicted of a crime against public administration. The candidate appealed, but the sentence was confirmed by the TRE-SP and, later, by the TSE.

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