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Trappist Sisters assure that they left Nicaragua “voluntarily”

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Trappist Sisters assure that they left Nicaragua "voluntarily"

Through a statement on its official Facebook page, the congregation Trappist Sisters of Nicaragua reported on the afternoon of Monday, February 27, that they left the country voluntarily and for personal reasons.

“We, the Trappist sisters of Nicaragua, have voluntarily left the country, for reasons of the Order, lack of vocations, the old age of several sisters, etc.,” reported the congregation that was based in the Monastery of Santa María de la Paz, in San Pedro del Lovago, Chontales.

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They added that the new destination of the Trappist sisters will be Panama and affirmed that they will continue “always united in prayer, in friendship and in the affection that the Lord has given us during these 22 years.”

“A big fraternal hug to all and our thanks” concludes the message of the Trappist Sisters of Nicaraguadispelling the doubts that his departure had been an expulsion ordered by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The nuns arrived in Nicaragua on January 20, 2001, with the purpose of founding the Santa María de la Paz Monastery “to extend their contemplative work of prayer and devotion.” The convent and all material goods will go to the Diocese of Chontales.

The departure of the Trappist Sisters occurs in a context where the Government of Nicaragua has intensified its repressive wave against the Catholic Church of Nicaragua, which has reached religious organizations that carried out charitable works, the last to be expelled from the country were the Sisters of Charityorder created by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, in June 2022.

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