Transportation plan will begin with the reduction by half of the buses that enter the center

Transportation plan will begin with the reduction by half of the buses that enter the center

The transport reorganization plan presented by the Mayor’s Office will start with the reduction by half of the buses that they enter the center of the city, this was confirmed by the asesor of the Secretary of Urban Mobility, Marco Antonio Franco, in the program What a Week! of The DUTY Radio.

This Friday, the mayor of the city, Jhonny Fernández, presented the plan integrated transport system, planned until 2050, the same that will be gradually implemented.

According to Franco, the plan includes a 50% reduction in buses that go through District 11, because only some 60 ‘mother lines’ will enter the 108 that currently do so.

“There has to be a reduction in units and lines and with that we are going to start (the management plan). Only the ‘main lines’ will pass through the center. They will no longer pass through the first ring, because there are intersections through which 65 lines pass, of the 108 that do so now,” Franco said.

The plan also establishes new transport channels, therefore, in the first ring Only lines 17 and 18 will remain circulating.

According to Franco, there is already a consensus with carriers to apply this change. “Of the four unions, three of them are in agreement, with whom we have already agreed the new routes to head in the new District 11 canals. They agree because they see the need to rearrange themselves, since they have realized that they lose money by standing in traffic,” he adds.

The integrated plan of the Mayor’s Office foresees the realization of eight studies in order to prepare a bill to regulate the city ​​service, the same one that encompasses works in coordination with the metropolitan municipalities.

“I’m thinking of the 50-year-old Santa Cruz,” Mayor Fernández declared on Friday, during the explanation of the project.

The eight studies that will be carried out are about the new system of origin and destination of transport throughout the city, the new intelligent traffic light network, the construction of viaducts, the tunnel of the third ring road in the El Trompillo area, the study of the drainage master plan, the paving plan, the modification of the roundabouts and the metropolitan train.

about the laces

Regarding the cords of the first ring, Franco stated that it is in the hands of justice to determine if they are going to stay or be eliminated. This week the mayor rreiterated its decision to eliminate the spacers, when it announced the dissolution of the BRT concession contract for the first ring.

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