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Transcends departure of three Cuban baseball players in the last hours

Madrid Spain.- In less than 48 hours, the departure of three Cuban baseball players from the country has emerged. It is about the Sancti Spiritus gardener Dismany Ortiz; the Camagüeyan emerging hitter Jorge Cardoza; and U-18 prospect Yunior Charadán.

Cardosa recently arrived in the United States after completing the usual migration route from Nicaragua. While Ortiz tries to reach the northern country by the same route.

Ortiz, a native of Trinidad, “began the usual route through the countries of Central America. The goal is to reach the United States,” said the journalist. Frances Romero.

The 25-year-old baseball player was included in the lineup of the Ganaderos that will compete in the Elite League. In the last National Series he finished with a .323 average. The Sancti Spiritus hit six doubles, two home runs and drove in 16 runs.

In 2020, he was part of the Cuba team that competed in the U-23 Pre-World Cup held in Honduras and El Salvador.

On the departure of Jorge Cardoza, the site “Region of the Bulls” he considered: “Definitely the unbridled migratory exodus that the country is experiencing also touches baseball and its protagonists closely. This time it was the opportune emergent of the bullfighting troupe Jorge Cardoza who promptly and boldly came out of the cave to wield what he considered the most important and crucial at-bat of his life”.

“Making the well-trodden journey that begins in Nicaragua, number 51 only had room to put a couple of outfits and the dreams of a lifetime in the backpack. Today he is on American soil ready to start a new life, ”adds the information.

About the young man from Guantanamo Yunior CharadanRomero highlighted that “he was one of the most outstanding components of Guantanamo and the country in categories such as 15-16 and youth.”

Recent exodus of Cuban baseball players

The current migration crisis that Cuba is going through is also reflected in the constant exodus of athletes. As for baseball, during the last few months prospects such as outfielder Crisptohfer Pérez, who joined the Cuban team in lower categories, have emerged. The 18-year-old emigrated last May to the Dominican Republic.

In March they had left the island, also headed for the Dominican Republic, the leader of the U-15 national baseball team, Maykol Valdivia Brown; Santiago prospect Yorelquis Hernández and Danell Figueroa from Matanzas, who projected to be a talent as a catcher.

During the current month, just to mention a few, Adriel Labrada emigrated, who had captained Las Avispas de Santiago de Cuba in the last National Series; the young pitcher from Holguín francis texido, one of the best pitchers in the last Under-18 Youth Championship; and the 19-year-old from Matanzas, Alain López.

Among the first departures of the year were, in January, those of the experienced pitchers Yosimar Cousin and Yunior Tur.

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