Trajano Santana fortalecerá el PRI con un millón de nuevos militantes

Trajano Santana will strengthen the PRI with a million new militants

The president of the Independent Revolutionary Party (PRI), Dr. Trajano Santanaaffirmed that he is traveling the national territory with the purpose of attracting a million new voters for that organization, with a view to the 2024 elections. He assured that, in recent weeks, he has sworn in hundreds of women who believe in the PRI proposals to lead the country along the paths of economic, social and institutional development.

Likewise, he pointed out that works in the renewal of the leadership cadres of the party and the provincial and municipal committees.

Santana gave a speech at the swearing-in ceremony for new members of his party in the municipal district of La Caleta, in the municipality of Boca Chica.

On this occasion, Mr. Inocencio Hiciano Taveras was sworn in as a senior leader of the PRI, who joined the PRI together with 40 community leaders from the different sectors that make up La Caleta.

“This act constitutes the most faithful evidence that the PRI is growing, adding followers in all corners of the country,” said Santana, who attended the activity accompanied by the leaders of his party, Danilo Paniagua and Miguel Castillo.

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