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Training courses in June: Ministry of Labor offers several options

Free and under face-to-face, distance and hybrid modalities are the courses that the SNPP opens in June throughout the country, in order to train in areas of rapid employment. Registrations can be made via the web.

Healthy cooking, commercial cashier, advertising design, curtain making, bakery, cell phone repair appliance repairman, home electrician installer; In addition to office automation operator, preparation of sweet and savory snacks, professional makeup, financial administration, administrative and executive secretarial work are some of the courses that the Ministry of Labor enables in June.

It does so through the SNPP (the National Professional Promotion Service) at its headquarters in Asunción on Avda. Molas López and also at its branches in the interior.

The training will be developed not only in person, but also at a distance, through the phonoclass modality, and also in a hybrid way.

Entries can be made through the website of the Ministry of Labor at the following link: https://identidad.mtess.gov.py/alumno/login.phpwhere it is also required to register in advance, completing the form with the data.

For more details, the numbers 0981-450219, 0986-928560, 0981-450244 and 0981-362-093 are enabled.

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