Traffic accident in eastern Cuba leaves more than 40 injured

The event, for which no deaths have been reported so far, occurred in a place known as El Piñón, in the Santiago municipality of Songo-La Maya, when a passenger truck left the road and overturned, before the unexpectedly from its path by another vehicle, according to the preliminary information managed by the newspaper Master Saw.

A total of 37 injured were treated at the Carlos Juan Finlay Polyclinic, in the municipal seat, and according to data provided to the press by Carlos Carrión, director of that health institution, seven of them were reported as serious.

The most recent information refers that four patients remained under observation and under the evaluation of traumatologists, physiatrists and other specialists.

In addition, four other patients were treated at the Roberto Infante hospital, in the town of Alto Songo, and were reported in serious condition, in accordance with the Santiago radio and television correspondent in Songo La Maya.

It also transpired that among the injured is a minor who presented minor injuries to one of his knees and it was pointed out that the serious cases were transferred to the Saturnino Lora Provincial Hospital, in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Dr. Tania Carbonell Amiot, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Deputy Director of Serious Care at the Santiago center, explained that 14 patients were received at that hospital, six men and eight women, none reported seriously.

The report adds that in the Emerging Intensive Care Unit there was a pregnant woman who was evaluated by the Surgery specialty, who decided to keep her in service for 24 hours due to her condition, although the injuries she suffered were not life-threatening. nor that of the newborn.

The specialist assured that another patient would be treated in the operating room by the Orthopedics specialty for the cure of an open fracture, and a third was evaluated by Neurosurgery to follow his evolution due to cervical spine trauma.

“All convalescents, reported to be in care, are being admitted to the institution for six hours with the surveillance that polytraumatized cases carry, at the end of these they will be reassessed both from the medical point of view and from the complementary studies and if there is no incident will be discharged “said the galena quoted by Master Saw.

Traffic accidents are among the main causes of death in Cuba and the number of these events in the country continues to grow. In the first half of 2022 alone, 4,871 traffic accidents occurred in Cuba, an increase of 23% compared to those reported in 2021, according to data from the National Road Safety Commission (CNSV).

The number of dead and injured through June was 346 and 3,565, respectively, according to the state commission. By comparison, in 2021 there were 3,741 road accidents that killed 242 people and left 2,662 injured.

According to the CNSV, the main causes of accidents in Cuba are the driver’s inattention, failure to comply with the right of way and speeding.

The country’s road network is in a poor state, according to the authorities, due to lack of maintenance and the vehicle fleet is characterized by its age, with cars over 50 years old. Added to this are problems with signage and street lighting, as well as road safety education.

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