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Tourist dies after falling from a zip line on Canoa Quebrada beach, Ceará

A 39-year-old tourist from Pará died this Monday (10) when he fell from a zipline, on Canoa Quebrada beach, in the municipality of Aracati, Ceará, one of the most frequented beaches in the region, because of the beauty of the dunes. and the calm sea and crystal clear water.Tourist dies after falling from a zip line on Canoa Quebrada beach, Ceará

The victim was identified as Sergio Murilo Lima de Santana and fell when the beam supporting the equipment broke during the descent. The man was still rescued, but he couldn’t resist the injuries due to the height, when one of the support cables of the zip line came off and he crashed into a dune.

As a safety measure, the city hall of Aracati has banned the zip-line service that serves visitors to Canoa Quebrada beach.

According to Ceará’s Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense, the owner of the equipment and an employee have already testified and were later released.

The Civil Police of Ceará awaits the result of the technical expertise report that will determine the cause of the accident.

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