Tourism in the Santa Cruz provinces during the long holiday is threatened by road blockades

Tourism in the Santa Cruz provinces during the long holiday is threatened by road blockades

97% of the roads in the department of Santa Cruz are in good condition, The director of the Departmental Road Service (Sedcam), Édgar Landívar, affirmed this Thursday. Nevertheless, there are some blockades that threaten tourism that is generated in different regionsIt’s because of the long May Day holiday.

For four days, the Ayoreo people have been blockading different parts of the department to demand the restitution of their assembly member Giliana Etacore. The provinces affected by this measure are Velasco, Chiquitos and Germán Busch.

exist at least five blocking points both on the Bioceanic highway (Carmen Rivero Tórrez, Yacuses and Motacusito, route to Brazil) and in the municipalities of Cuatro Cañadas and Concepción.

Landívar said that the blockades harm the tourism sector, especially now that the roads are in very good condition to be transited by the population.

In addition, it recommends people who travel to the valleys, that, If it rains in the area, drive with great caution. meanwhile, the institution will be vigilant with its teams in the face of any emergency that may arise due to fortuitous issues of natural phenomena.

tourist options

For his part, the director of Tourism and Culture of the Government, Romel Dorado, invited the population to visit the different tourist destinations of the department of Santa Cruz, taking into account that this weekend will be full of celebrations and cultural activities.

This Sunday, andn San Carlos, the seventh baking fair will be heldwhere typical baked goods from the region, handicrafts, honey derivatives, and others will be exhibited.

In Mairana, this Saturday and Sunday the sixth productive fair and the XV Tangerine Festival will take place.

In San José de Chiquitos, on April 29 and 30, the exhibition fair and on May 1, which is its anniversary, there will be a livestock fair accompanied by a parade,” Dorado said.

In addition, the baroque music festival that is taking place in Chiquitania, in the municipalities of San Javier, Concepción, San Ignacio de Velasco, San José de Chiquitos, Santa Ana and San Rafael, as well as Cotoca, Porongo, San Julián and Pailón, ends this May 1. Tickets to the recitals are totally free.

“There are other options in San Javier, San Ignacio, Concepción, San Miguel, Santa Ana, Robore, Santiago, Aguas Calientes and Chochisbut we cannot stop recommending visiting Cotoca, Portachuelo and Samaipata”, he added.


From the Information and Communication System (SIC) Santa Cruz, Rossío Medina, reported that As of this Friday, winds from the south will be registered, with a partially cloudy sky accompanied by showers on its entrance.

However, it is expected that the winds change direction north from Saturday 30 in the afternoonwhere minimum temperatures of 15°C and maximum of 23°C will be recorded, for the Valles Cruceños area there will be minimums of 20°C and maximums of 32°C, while for the Chiquitania and for the rest of the provinces there will be minimums of 17°C and maximums of 30°C, thus defining a mild weekend in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.

Medina indicated that, for the following week the weather forecast in the department will be concentrated in a southerly direction, with partly cloudy skies and light showers. Minimum temperatures of 10ºC and maximum of 23ºC are expected.

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