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‘Toñito’, the chigüiro “appeared dead” and they point to public officials: authorities in Bucaramanga responded

'Toñito', the chigüiro "appeared dead" and they point to public officials: authorities in Bucaramanga responded

In the Santander capital, they denounced that the animal remained in a well-known condominium and environmental officials “shot a tranquilizing dart” and it died. They denounce that a neighbor in the area “reported that ‘#Toñito’ did damage and bothered.”

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Through social networks, a case has been known that has caused dismay, generated outrage and also called for various responses from environmental authorities in the city of Bucaramanga. It is ‘Toñito’, a chigüiro that was found dead in strange conditions.

And it is that in several accounts of different networks publications were made where it was specified that:

  • «TOÑITO was assassinated today, arrived by the mountain and found tranquility and peace here, deciding to stay. From the moment he arrived he had a great reception, receiving love, respect and admiration from the vast majority of residents. Today he was assassinated at the hands of the #CDMB«…
Toñito, the chigüiro that appeared dead

The Twitt made from the account We miss Toñito el Chiguiro – @ngp9111 a photo of an Instagram story of the Ruitoque Golf Country Club condominium, the place where the animal lived, was also published.

  • “A resident of #Ruitoque @RUITOQUECLUB decided to call the #CDMB for them to take the animal; that no one hurt or bothered, only her. It all ended badly, they shot her with tranquilizer darts, she fell into the lake and drowned. The Ruitoque community regrets the facts.

They also published a statement on the case of ‘Toñito’.

Statement from Ruitoque Golf Country Club on the ‘Toñito’ case

There have been several comments on networks

After the case went viral, many through social networks have left a dozen comments referring to what happened.

«Well, that he came by the mountain, he doesn’t believe it, but nobody… Newborn Toñito woke up and said: I want to live in stratum 6, he started on his way and whoops he arrived at ruitoque golf. Do not believe us so mks. They took Toñito and that is a crime. There are many irregularities here“, published a netizen.

To this opinion, from the account that made the publication of “Toñito” they responded the following:

  • «It would be nice if someone with competence could determine this.. What they have said since Toñito arrived is that along the path (where there are farms, mountains, lakes… quite flat); he went into the condo, and stood there by the ‘large lake’.

Tiny on video:

The response of the environmental authority

From the Regional Autonomous Corporation for the Defense of the Bucaramanga Plateau, CDMBthey ruled on the capybara case through a statement.

In the document that was published on their official networks, they indicated that:

  • “During the procedure physical restraint maneuvers were exhausted using relevant equipment. However, considering the instinctive reaction of the individual, which even led him to break the handling tools that were intended to guarantee his immobilization, it became necessary to resort to chemical restraint, which was effectively accomplished ”.
  • “Unfortunately, the individual’s own nature leads him to react instinctively by fleeing towards the lake, which generated an immediate reaction from the professionals of the CAV CDMB and uniformed police officers, who exhausted their possibilities and tried to prevent the escape of the animal, seeking to protect its integrity. It is unknown if the animal fled or due to the effects of anesthesia it remains submerged.

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