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New group of Cuban doctors arrives in Italy

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a group of 50 Cuban specialists of health arrived yesterday at Italy. It is part of the agreement signed between Cuba and the Government of Calabria, which in this way tries to overcome the lack of personnel in hospitals where the health system has been in a dramatic situation for years.

The president of the Calabria region, Roberto Occhiuto, highlighted the arrival of the doctors on his Facebook profile and indicated that they will help keep the wards and hospitals in the territory open.

Occhiuto pointed out that Calabria seeks to guarantee all the tools at its disposal to care for citizens in the face of the health emergency.

“We are making dozens of calls and notices. All Calabrian and Italian doctors who are available to work in Calabria will be accepted. But at the moment there is a lack of doctors in all regions of the country and even more in Calabria, because we do not have an attractive health system. Hospitals must stay open in whatever way. In this phase we will do it with the talented Cuban doctors,” Occhiuto was quoted as saying by local media.

Last August, Occhiuto announced an agreement with the Cuban government to receive some 500 doctors.

The shortage of personnel in hospitals is a problem that affects the whole of Italy, and in particular Calabria, where the health system has been in a dramatic situation for years and has been intervened by the State since 2010 due to the debts accumulated over the years. of the years, as pointed out efe.

“They have tried to stop us, with controversy and bureaucracy, but we succeeded,” said the president of the region. And he sentenced: “they will not steal any jobs from Italian doctors, but will help us keep hospitals open.”

In 2020, Cuban brigades from the Henry Reeve Medical Contingent also assisted the Crema and Turin regions, during the confrontation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost 500 Cuban doctors will arrive in the Italian region due to lack of personnel

For this work, the island’s health personnel received multiple distinctions and was considered an example of the humanist principle, as PL recalls.

Precisely, last May the Cuban doctor Julio Guerra Izquierdo received the Order of the Star of Italy in the Knight Degree for his work at the head of the brigade that assisted the population of Turin.

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