Tomorrow the PEF discussion begins in San Lázaro

Tomorrow the PEF discussion begins in San Lázaro

▲ Participation of deputies to analyze the draft budget for social spending.Photo Roberto García Ortiz

Nestor Jimenez

La Jornada newspaper
Monday, November 8, 2021, p. 18

This Tuesday the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies will begin the discussion on the opinion of the Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) for 2022, announced the president of the board of directors, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, who called on legislators to generate a debate on height based on dialogue. In addition, he affirmed that the governing body will ensure an environment of respect and civility.

While the PAN, PRI and PRD benches, led by their national leaders and parliamentary coordinators, will present today a proposal for alternative budget facing this debate.

After underlining that everything is ready in the legislative body for the discussion and approval of the PEF 2022, Gutiérrez Luna pointed out that federal spending will allow the economy to reactivate in the face of the effects caused by the pandemic.

Regarding the opinion that is still being debated within the Budget and Public Account Commission, he explained that the proposal outlines an increase in federal spending by almost 6 percent for states and municipalities, with an amount that amounts to 2 billion 108 billion pesos. .

An increase in funds for anti-Covid vaccines and the basic table of medicines is also projected, as well as the investment of 793 thousand 952 million pesos to rehabilitate hospitals and hire medical personnel.

In terms of security, 116 thousand 273 million pesos would be allocated to beat down crime and prevent violence, in addition to 73 thousand 695 million pesos for public order and internal security and funds for 88,150 million pesos for the National Guard.

In the PEF discussion, the PRI argued that if the operating expenses of the government’s flagship programs are reduced, the greater the budget will be allocated to the population that needs it.

“With the excessive resources only a gap is opened to hide in the Expenditure Budget a little pig for dark expenses ”, indicated the tricolor bench, while the PRI José Francisco Yunes considered that there is a disproportionate amount in some social programs.

For its part, the Labor Party proposed to increase from 1 to 2 percent the participation of the municipalities of the participable federal collection and the Citizen Movement bench proposed that the sub-exercises of the agencies and entities that are not corrected be reassigned for attention for emergencies or health contingencies.

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