Tomograph, 2 Same and medical attention in Conchillas.

Tomograph, 2 Same and medical attention in Conchillas.

Today, the ASSE authorities attended the Budget Commission integrated with the Treasury, who reported in detail the rendering of accounts.

According to the deputy Mario Colman, “We consulted the President of Asse about the concern that we received from the neighbors and promptly transferred to the authorities, about the need to have medical attention in the town of Conchillas, nursing and administrative personnel, I claim that this community has been doing for more than 10 years”.

Pte. Leonardo Cipriani reported that due to the request received and subsequent evaluation, the hiring of 1 doctor, 1 nurse and an administrative officer for the city of Conchillas was considered for this budget.

He also announced the creation of 2 SAME, 1 for the city of Colonia del Sacramento and another for Colonia Valdense, he also indicated that the purchase of the long-awaited and necessary tomograph for our department was included. Likewise, we consulted on the situation of the Rosario and Juan Lacaze surgical blocks, said the Colonial legislator.

Thanks to the neighbors for permanently transmitting the needs to us and to the national authorities for listening to the needs of the peoples of the interior. We must join efforts and try to improve the assistance of ASSE users in our department and the country, she remarked.

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