They burn belongings of Venezuelan migrants in Chile

They burn belongings of Venezuelan migrants in Chile

A group of people burned the belongings of Venezuelan migrants during a protest over the murder of a young man in the city of Antofagasta north of Chili.

The incident occurred on Monday night in the Parque de Los Eventos, located on the coastline of Antofagasta, where Venezuelan migrants had their belongings in makeshift homes.

According to Antofagasta Newspaper The murder of the young Ángel García, a 16-year-old Bolivian, unleashed the indignation of the inhabitants of the Chilean city, who were protesting in the sector where the student lost his life.

Videos broadcast on the social networks They show the moment in which the protesters set fire to the belongings of the migrants who are usually in that place, including Venezuelans.

It also transcends in local media that for the murder of the young man, which occurred last Friday, Venezuelan migrants have been identified as suspects.

However, to date this information has not been confirmed and there are no detainees for the crime.

The protesters demanded justice and measures to control migration.

For their part, parliamentarians from the region requested the application of a state of emergency in Antofagasta, while the presidential delegate, Karen Behrens, indicated that the authors of this crime will be prosecuted with the maximum rigor of the law.

In September of last year, inhabitants of the city of Iquique, during protests against foreigners, burned the tents and belongings of Venezuelan migrants, singing shouts of xenophobia.

In January of this year, a similar aggression against Venezuelans occurred in the Tarapacá region of Iquique.

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