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August 21, 2022
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Today is the deadline for the State to defend itself against the demand of Mía Cargo

Hoy se cumple plazo para que el Estado se defienda de demanda de Mía Cargo

Today is the deadline given to the Dominican Republic to be represented in the Southern District of Florida to respond to a demand for 10 million dollars, that is, about 560 million pesos for having unilaterally terminated a contract between the Dominican Postal Institute and the company mine charge.

The CEO of Mía Cargo, Diego Vestillero, stated that in the process of demand against the Dominican State in a court in the Southern District of Florida, in the United States they took the first defect in a hearing held on July 13 for the non-appearance of the representation of the Dominican State.

He indicated that the court issued an opinion in which it warned the Dominican Republic that it should be represented before that jurisdiction before August 19 of this year 2022 under penalty of being sentenced for default to pay the amount of the demand that is 10 million dollars, or its equivalent 560 million pesos.

He stressed that the company MIA Cargo has been demanding INPOSDOM the delivery of the equipment and materials provided as part of the agreement that was signed, but that the current director of the post office, Katiuska Báez, has refused to respond to that call.

He said that they tried by all possible means to reach an understanding with the Dominican authorities so that the contract is respected, continue providing the service and thus prevent the interests of the foreign company from being harmed as little as possible.

He stated that the Ministry of Public Works has told Mía Cargo that the Dominican Postal Institute is an autonomous company empowered to sign this type of contract, which gives greater reason for the foreign company’s demand.

He affirmed that they were forced to sue the Dominican State due to the violation of the contract with INPOSDOM where his company committed and complied with the efficiency and modernization of that entity despite touching all the government instances that are related to the matter, including the President of the Republic.

He specified that the agreement was signed in compliance with all legal precepts during Adán Peguero’s administration and that the authorities have refused to listen and comply with the company’s requirements.

He indicated that the Board of Directors and the director of INSPOSDOM himself saw the signing of the agreement as positive because the entity would obtain 50 percent above what was received at that time for Inpospak’s service.

In addition, the company presented the INPOSDOM – MIA CARGO system, which consists of a web platform developed by its professionals that allows centralizing all the services offered by INPOSDOM, integrating the operational, logistical, administrative, commercial and supervision functions, to generate quality and avant-garde postal products.

He regretted the decision of the Dominican authorities, since they say they have relied on the investment climate promoted by the government and in the state of legal certainty that the present administration speaks of as support for the public-private alliance.

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