For De Pedro, Macri has no training to govern the country or "love of country"

For De Pedro, Macri has no training to govern the country or "love of country"

Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro.

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ De Pedro, accused Mauricio Macri this Saturday of not having the training to govern the country nor “love of the country” and blamed him for having put Argentina “On your knees, with an unjustifiable indebtedness“, when reproducing from Twitter a newspaper article in which Macri is attributed to have described the “chef” Martiniano Molina as “an invention” that “did not know how to govern”.

“Macri asked to stop inventing candidates who do not know how to govern and lose like ‘Chef Martiniano’ in Quilmes. What he said could be applied to him”De Pedro uploaded from his networks in reference to the words attributed to Macri during his speech at the last meeting of the PRO national table, held on Friday, August 12 with lunch at the Happening restaurant on the Costanera.

In relation to this episode, the Minister of the Interior and leader of the Front of All warned that “You don’t just have to train” to govern but also “have love for the homeland and not bring it to its knees with an unjustifiable indebtedness”.

A week ago, Macri participated in the meeting of the National Table of the PRO in the Happening restaurant on the Costanera along with other leaders of the party that he himself founded, such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Diego Santilli, Cristian Ritondo and Patricia Bullrich, with whom he analyzed the electoral scenario, the irruption of Elisa Carrió with her shocking accusations and the dissimilar strategies that coexist in Together for Change.

About that PRO conclave, the newspaper Perfil published a week ago that when talking about the political set-up for 2023, Macri urged those present not to bring new “inventions to the province of Buenos Aires”, in a supposed allusion to the former cook and former mayor of Quilmes del PRO, who today is a Buenos Aires deputy for JxC, while the aforementioned Molina downplayed the episode from a portal specialized in Buenos Aires politics: he considered it part of a “press operation” by “sectors of the coalition (for JxC) that want harm”.

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