Today is the Day: Women's Day and Pernambuco Revolution are highlights

Today is the Day: Women’s Day and Pernambuco Revolution are highlights

O Today is the day this week begins by highlighting the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Colombian writer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature Gabriel García Marquez, completed this March 6th. The collection built by the writer, known as Gabo, throughout his life is available free online and in spanish – as reported matter of Brazil Agency from 2016. There are 24,000 pages of documents, including manuscripts, photographs, scripts, notebooks and letters, which were stored in 78 crates at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, before being digitized and made available online by the University of Texas. Today is the Day: Women's Day and Pernambuco Revolution are highlights

Also read, at Agência Brasil: Gabriel García Márquez: the generous force of creativity

Also this Sunday we have the 205th anniversary of Pernambuco Revolution, one of the most outstanding movements of the Brazilian colony’s struggle for freedom. The revolt assured, for almost two months, the independence of part of the Brazilian northeast. The program from there to here, gives TV Brazil, told the story of Barbara de Alencar, an important character in this story: she was the first political prisoner in the country. The grandmother of the writer José de Alencar, she and her three children took part in the Pernambuco Revolution of 1817. Watch:

In 2017, the program On the Trail of Historygives national radio, he had the help of historian George Cabral to unravel the causes of this movement, which had a particularity: it was led by priests and Freemasons.

Tuesday (8) is celebrated the International Women’s Day and nobody better than Mara Régia, in charge of the Long live Mary, on the air for 40 years National Radio speaking to women across the country, to bring back the historical origins of this day of struggle for women’s rights:

THE TV Brazil also drew a timeline that illustrates the achievements of Brazilian women over time. Check out:

Another unmissable program to celebrate the 8th of March is the episode of On the Trail of History that rescues the history of Brazilian artists. Chiquinha Gonzaga, Tarsila do Amaral, Anita Malfatti and Bibi Ferreira are some of the characters featured on the show. Listen in full:

International Women's Day in Rio de Janeiro

Celebration of International Women’s Day in Rio de Janeiro – Reuters/Pilar Olivares/Reserved Rights

In this same line, the Reporting Paths presented, last year, the episode Women: inspiring trajectories. Throughout the program, stories are told of women who excel in the arts, science, sports, the social area and the judiciary. The edition also shows the various obstacles to making equality between men and women a reality.

giant of letters

Which Brazilian never read Pedro Bandeira in school? The writer is a success in Brazilian children’s literature, with around 90 books published. On Wednesday (9) he celebrates 80 years in full activity. In 2013, O EBC Portal had a virtual chat with the writer. The communicator Zé Zuca and some children participated. In 2016, The reporter Maranhao, gives TV Brazilalso told a little about Pedro Bandeira’s story:

Closing the week, Saturday (12) marks the 75th anniversary of the day US President Harry Truman announced a set of measures that became known as the Truman Doctrine, which marked the beginning of the Cold War between the United States and the Union. soviet. The program History Today, which aired on 2015, helps to understand what was the foreign policy adopted from that date:

already the fall in the entrance exam addresses the period of tension that began shortly after the end of the Second World War, in 1945. At the time, the rivalry between the then two largest nations in the world intensified the arms race and disputes in the political, economic and geographical fields.

Check the weekly list of Today is the day with dates, historical facts and holidays:

March 6th to 12th, 2022


Birth of American Basketball Player and Actor Shaquille O’Neal (age 50) – Officially listed as one of the greatest players in NBA history and often described by experts and sports enthusiasts as one of the most dominant players in league history

Birth of Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Márquez (95 years old)

Birth of American illustrator and cartoonist Will Eisner (105 years old)

Death of French philosopher and sociologist Jean Baudrillard (15 years old)

Pernambuco Revolution (205 years)


Birth of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian (150 years old)

Birth of São Paulo actress Nívea Maria (75 years old)

Born of São Paulo actor and comedian Rogério Cardoso (85 years old)

Death of Indian philosopher Paramahansa Yogananda (age 70) – one of the greatest emissaries of ancient philosophy from India to the West

First broadcast and start of regular broadcasts by Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) (65 years old)

Paleontologist Day – foundation of the Brazilian Society of Paleontology


International Women’s Day protests in Saint Petersburg mark the beginning of the February Revolution (105 years)

International Women’s Day


Born of São Paulo writer Pedro Bandeira (80 years old) – is the best-selling author of youth literature in Brazil


Birth of Al Qaeda leader and founder, Saudi activist Osama Bin Laden (65 years old)

Born of Paraná-born cartoonist Glauco Villas Boas (65 years old)

South Korea’s Constitutional Court upholds President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment after impeachment proceedings (05 years)

telephone day

World Day Against Sedentarism

World Kidney Day (movable date)


Birth of the Imperial Princess of Brazil Januária Maria de Bragança (200 years old)

Birth of former São Paulo basketball player Maria Paula Gonçalves da Silva, aka Magic Paula (60 years old)

Birth of the samba singer Aniceto de Menezes e Silva Júnior, known as Aniceto do Império (110 years old) – founder of the samba school Império Serrano

Death of the composer, poet and folklorist from Pernambuco José de Sousa Dantas Filho, Zé Dantas (60 years old) – composed several successful songs from Luiz Gonzaga’s repertoire

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Emília Bandeira de Melo (170 years old) – representative of naturalism, wrote columns for “O Paiz”, the largest circulation newspaper in South America at the time


Birth of American writer and poet Jack Kerouac (100 years old)

US President Harry Truman announces the Truman Doctrine and the Cold War begins (75 years old)

Librarian’s Day

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