Today is the Day: forests, GLA and football are remembered during the week

In the week that begins, the Today is the day focuses on protecting natural resources, especially Brazilian forests. The Forest Protection Day, celebrated today (17), also honors a character of national folklore, who is attributed the care and protection of the forests of Brazil: the Curupira.Today is the Day: forests, GLA and football are remembered during the week

A boy with long, red, fire-like hair, the Curupira has his feet turned backwards to mislead hunters. The legend is of indigenous origin, but it became part of the popular imagination throughout the national territory – and also became an important part of learning about environmental preservation. After all, what child has never heard of Curupira? Because of this, we rescued this part of the Animated musicwhich aired on TV Brazil, in which the band Roni e As Figurinhas presents a song about Curupira. Follow:

This episode of History Todaygives National Radio Agencyreinforces that, “legend aside, the day dedicated to the protection of forests wants to draw attention to the importance of preserving this type of vegetation essential for the cycle of life”:

Still this week, another figure who played an important role in the fight for the preservation of forests and indigenous peoples is remembered – but this one from real life. The 18th marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Mário Juruna, an indigenous activist from the Xavante ethnic group and the first indigenous person to hold the position of federal deputy. One of the politician’s trademarks was a portable recorder, with which he recorded conversations with authorities to report if they did not keep their word.

Deputy Mário Juruna, chief of the Xavante ethnic group, first Indian federal deputy, elected in 1982. Photo: Arquivo CD

Mário Juruna, chief of the Xavante ethnic group, first indigenous federal deputy, elected in 1982. Photo: Arquivo CD – Collection Chamber of Deputies

Juruna served in the National Congress from 1983 to 1987. During this period, he was responsible for the creation of the Permanent Commission of the Indian in the National Congress and other measures of attention to indigenous peoples. More than 30 years after the end of Mário Juruna’s term, the indigenous people had only one more representative in the Federal Chamber: Deputy Joênia Wapichama, in office since 2018.

125 years of the Brazilian Academy of Letters

Brazilian language and literature are also celebrated this week. On Wednesday (20), the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL) celebrates its 125th anniversary. ABL was created in 1897, with the objective of preserving Brazilian literature and had as its first president the writer Machado de Assis.

While it is necessary to have a published book to apply for a chair at the academy, the ABL is not just made up of professional writers. ABL’s immortals are figures that are embedded in and relevant to the national culture.

Actress Fernanda Montenegro, occupant of chair 17, and musician Gilberto Gil, chair 20, are some of the newest members. They were elected, respectively, to the seats that belonged to diplomat Affonso Arinos de Mello Franco and journalist Murilo Melo Filho. Last year, The Brazil Agency explained how the succession of chairs at the Academy works (read).

In Argentina, there is also an ephemeris in the literature. 90 years ago, on July 17, 1932, the cartoonist Quino, creator of Mafalda, was born. Translated into 30 languages, the strips bring the world view of a 6-year-old girl who has pertinent reflections and a lot to talk about world issues. When Mafalda completed 50 years of existence, in 2014, O reporter Brazilgives TV Brazil, showed why the character has become so iconic:

Quino died in 2020, but he left a legacy and a legion of fans around the world. Mafalda’s comic strips were born in 1964 and stopped being published less than a decade later. Still, the little girl’s debates and speeches can still be brought to current situations. Learn more about the cartoonist’s trajectory in this report available at National Radio Agency:

Celebrations in the world of sport

Tuesday (19) is National Football Day. The date was established in 1976 and honors the foundation of Sport Club Rio Grande, from Rio Grande do Sul, the oldest team in Brazil still in activity. The club was created on July 19, 1900, just 23 days before the foundation of the Ponte Preta Athletic Association.

The information may raise doubts, since great teams, such as Flamengo and Vasco, have as their foundation dates the years 1895 and 1898, respectively. However, in both cases, clubs were created to participate in rowing competitions, and football came only later. In 2017, the program In the World of the Ball, gives National Radiointerviewed the then president of Sport Clube Rio Grande, who spoke more about the trajectory of this veteran of Brazilian football.

And it also has an anniversary of historic achievements in athletics. On July 20, 1952, at the Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland, José Telles da Conceição won Brazil’s first medal in sport. He reached the mark of 1.98 meters in the high jump and won the unprecedented bronze medal – being the first representative of national athletics to reach the podium.

José Telles da Conceição (left) won bronze in the high jump at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, becoming the first representative of Brazilian athletics to reach the podium.

José Telles da Conceição (left) started his career in athletics training at Vasco da Gama – Memory of Brazilian Olympic Sport/TV Brasil/Disclosure

And, on July 23, it will be 90 years since the death of Alberto Santos Dumont, who went down in history as the father of aviation. Last year, the Brazil Agency published an interview with the Dutch writer Arthur Japin, author of the book the man with wingsa historical novel about the trajectory and feelings of the Brazilian (read). The flight of the Brazilian Alberto Santos Dumont, in a distance of 60 meters with the 14-Bis, turned 115 in 2021.

Check the weekly list of Today is the day with dates, historical facts and holidays:

July 17th to 23rd, 2022


Birth of Argentine cartoonist Quino (90 years old)

Birth of Rio de Janeiro singer and songwriter Ronnie Von (75 years old)

Death of the saxophonist and composer of Jazz American John Coltrane (55 years old)

Tragedy of TAM’s Airbus A-320 occurs in Congonhas (15 years)

Forest Protection Day in Brazil and Curupira Day, a figure from Brazilian folklore known for being the protector of forests


Death of sociologist Gilberto Freyre (35 years old)

Birth of the singer, songwriter and pastor from Rio de Janeiro, Baby do Brasil (70 years old)

Death of English writer Jane Austen (205 years old) – author of classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Reason and sensibility and Emma

Death of former president of Brazil Castelo Branco (55 years old) – first president of the period of military dictatorship in Brazil, killed in a plane crash

Birth of English philosopher of science Thomas Samuel Kuhn (100 years old) – historian of science and author of the work Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Death of the first indigenous federal deputy in Brazil, Mário Juruna (20 years old)

Nelson Mandela International Day – established by the UN General Assembly in support of the commemorative date started in 2009, by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, to encourage people to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to helping others; Nelson Mandela dedicated 67 years of his life to the service of humanity


Death of singer Clementina de Jesus (35 years old)

Birth of British musician and astrophysicist Brian May (75 years old) – songwriter and guitarist for the British band Queen

National Football Day – the date was chosen, in 1976, as it was the founding date of the oldest active team in Brazil: Sport Club Rio Grande, from Rio Grande do Sul


Death of Bahian businessman and politician Antônio Carlos Peixoto de Magalhães (ACM) (15 years old)

Birth of Mexican multi-instrumentalist and composer Carlos Santana (75 years old)

Inauguration of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (125 years)

National Tattoo Artist Day – established by the Union of Tattoo and Body Piercing Companies of São Paulo, to mark the date on which the Danish tattoo artist, Knud Harald Lykke Gregersen, arrived in São Paulo, initiating the professional artistic tattoo made with an electric machine in Brazil

International Day of Friend – established by the UN General Assembly


album release Appetite for Destruction from the American band Guns N’ Roses (35 years old)


Lyrical Singer Day

world brain day


Death of the aeronaut, sportsman and inventor from Minas Gerais Santos Dumont (90 years old)

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