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to take the post

Unfortunately, being young in these times in Paraguay does not have the best label, reference or criticism for not being involved in the reality of the country but more in the virtuality of the world. I will grow up with the image of a millennial, my generation; alcoholic, jobless, divorced or unsuccessful in his job that has already changed many times. and that he allowed the corrupt to rule over us.

Now, as I see in a publication made recently by this medium, not all bad criticism should fall on our shoulders, but above all, motivate us to participate in the elections, since 54% of the voters are people between the ages of 18 and 39 in our country, we represent around 2.6 million people and we will be the ones who will decide the path and helmsman of the ship called Paraguay this year.

It will not be in the hands of our parents, uncle, grandparents or people of legal age that we know and that we know will participate in the elections, but above all in us so that the new government assumes the responsibility of managing public affairs for those of us who mostly populate our country. . We should no longer want to do something but it is time to act to achieve them, something good for all of us who live here.

Our house that needs order and cleanliness not only for the tourist who must be welcomed with respect and the comforts that not only benefit them but also favor us as what the candidates who are running to govern the country from this April onwards expect.

The only true way to achieve something new, different and good is if we manage as a team to coordinate our strengths as citizens of the Republic and make it truly public or ours to decide who or who will administer Paraguay from this year onwards.

overcome apathy

Absenteeism is a manifestation of indignation, anger and hopelessness over the political class. He regretted that we live in a country immersed in corruption but it is a minority that fights against it. And what we must avoid above all is being absent on election day, we must be registered in the electoral roll and put aside our cell phone screens to talk and discuss among ourselves about the needs that exist in the country.

Knowing well what the proposals of the candidates are to respond to the demands or problems that go against everyone in a country that should not always rest on a generation that ages like its body and no longer works as it did long ago, but encourage us to take the post and transform the existing.

It is key to understand the value of being an example for our nephews or friends and what they can keep in their memory of how the youth responded, and activated for and for their country in the 2023 elections. It is a critical moment, a watershed for history and a challenge that we must not let go. The young person is the one who decides what is going to happen in the fourth month that is just around the corner and in the five years that come from August 15. Be encouraged to take the post.

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