To date, 4 thousand 887 cases of dengue have been confirmed throughout the national territory

Until epidemiological week No. 35, 4,887 confirmed cases of dengue have been confirmed throughout the national territory, reported the national head of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Lourdes Moreno.

Of these confirmed cases, 4 thousand 369 are cases of dengue, without warning signs; 506 with warning signs; twelve serious cases and two deaths (one registered in San Miguelito, at the beginning of the year) and the minor under six years of age in Panamá Oeste, this Wednesday.

Moreno added that, in the province of Panama Oeste, in the Burunga area, specifically in the Nueva Luz area, 144 total cases of dengue have been detected, of which 134 are cases without warning signs; nine (9) with warning signs; 1 serious and 1 death.

It is important that despite all the effort that has been made by health promotion and education and by the vector control team, the most important thing is that each person can check their environment (home, work or school) and see what could be all those containers that can serve as water collection, which is making a breeding ground for the mosquito.

“Inside the house, the screens, windows and doors must be cleaned, as well as changing the water in the vases, dishes, pots and drinking bowls of the pets and that outside the house, the water containers be well covered; roof gutters, saucers and plants with stems that collect water,” he added.

The prevention and control of dengue must be intersectoral and involve the family and the community, this is the key to combat and eliminate breeding sites, warned the head of epidemiology of the Minsa.

The Minsa urges the population to clean their surroundings and inside their homes, cover the containers with water and keep in mind that nebulization only kills the adult mosquito.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) points out that dengue is a febrile illness that affects infants, children and adults, with symptoms ranging from a moderate fever to a disabling high fever, with severe headache and behind the eyes.

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