Tite questions the appointment of the arbitrator for Ecuador-Brazil

Tite questions the appointment of the arbitrator for Ecuador-Brazil

The coach of the Brazilian team, Titequestioned this Thursday that he has been designated for the match against Ecuadorin Quito, to the referee of a country whose team also had an interest in the outcome of the match.

Tite referred to the designation of the Colombian Wilmar Roland, who starred in several controversial episodes by marking fouls and determining expulsions that, finally, he had to amend after the irruption of the VAR.

Although he praised the refereeing skills of the Colombian, Tite He said that in these games there is a lot of pressure, especially from the public, so it is necessary to be sensitive to these issues.

The Brazilian strategist argued that in a tournament like the South American qualifiers, decisions such as defining the referees must also be analyzed in this type of context.

He remembered that in the standings Brazil goes first and is already classified to the World Cup in Qatar 2022, like Argentina who goes second, while Ecuador goes third and Colombia fourth, in bid to reach the Qatar World Cup.

For this reason, he reiterated his opinion that the fact that a referee from fourth place in the standings whistles a match from third place and with whom he has a direct dispute could generate insights.

Tite praised, on the other hand, the work of his managers, even in the application and discipline shown when the team was left with ten players due to the expulsion of Emerson.

The strategist also stressed that this Thursday’s commitment, in which Brazil drew 1-1, it was played against a difficult Ecuadorian team.

“It was a difficult game,” he said.

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