Timid trade on the eve of Mother's Day

Timid trade on the eve of Mother’s Day

Last Sunday of May, it is the day chosen by Dominicans to celebrate mothers and it is one of the most anticipated dates by merchants because sales are activated.

However, on the eve of Mother’s day the businesses on Duarte Avenue and El Conde Street seemed few crowded, although some vendors said “they did well in sales.”

During a tour carried out this Saturday afternoon by Diario Libre, he could see that the improvised salons in the middle of the Duarte sidewalks looked very active with the ladies who came to put on hair extensions and false eyelashes. Instead, the public in the stores seemed shy, although its salespeople assured that the sales were going well.

“Sales today have been quite good, the public has responded quite well to the Mother’s day”, emphasized Carlos Luna, manager of the La Bomba store on Duarte Avenue.

Likewise, José Piñero, manager of Centro Modas, stated that during the week sales were slow, but that today it was activated a “little bit”.

“It has not been sold like in other years, that household products were sold more, what has sold the most has been underwear,” he reported.

Meanwhile, sellers of balloons and people who are dedicated to wrapping gifts on the outskirts of the stores stated that, compared to previous years, sales have dropped.

While shoppers said the items were a bit overpriced, but they still bought the moms gift “Because they deserve it.”

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