Relatives ask for more help to look for student Glicerio Javier

Relatives ask for more help to look for student Glicerio Javier

Dozens of young people participated in a vigil at the door of the Cathedral of in which they ask for help and demand more support from the Police to find the body of Glicerio Javier Flores.

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In an interview with Correo, his half-brother Jhony Caso Flores, stated that they have been looking for him since March 5.

“Death took him when we were going through difficult times as a family, he was just dedicated to his studies, what we want is for the authorities and the police to put twice the effort so that we can find my brother; the search they have made is very superficial”, affirmed Jhony Caso.

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It is known that he was seen by video cameras for the last time on March 5 in the vicinity of the Malecón Virgen de la Candelaria, so they presume that he could have fallen into the Ichu River, since after that, he was not seen again.

Jhonny studied at the “Physical Education” Public Pedagogical Higher Education Institute in Huancavelica.

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