Three years of the crime of Eddy Montes: "They killed him and his murder remains unpunished," they denounce

Three years of the crime of Eddy Montes: “They killed him and his murder remains unpunished,” they denounce

the political prisoner Eddy Montes Praslin, of American origin, celebrates this Monday, May 16, three years since his murder, after he was the victim of a shot that caused his death, and that points to a custodian of the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System, known as “La Modelo” , in Tipitapa; as the person responsible for the crime.

To this day, the death of the prisoner of conscience remains unpunished. The prison authorities, much less the Daniel Ortega regime, have never carried out any investigation to clarify the crime and punish the person responsible.

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Days after the crime, Jafet Montes, daughter of the kidnapped politician, demanded that the dictatorship carry out an autopsy on her father, however human rights defenders said at the time that the demand was not resolved by the authorities.

«My dad did not fight for power, fame or money, he was looking for a fair and democratic government. My father was a Christian man. He spoke of God, that is why I ask that with faith we remain united », expressed the daughter of Eddy Montes when his father had been murdered for two years.

They continue to demand justice for the unpunished murder of Eddy Montes

He also pointed out that “my father left us a legacy, which is to continue fighting for Nicaragua; We had to leave Nicaragua, but from here we can continue fighting and demanding justice.”

They demand justice

For his part, former political prisoner Pedro Gutiérrez recalled the death of Montes and demanded justice for the crimes against humanity of the Ortega regime. “Today (…) it is three years since Mr. Eddy Montes Praslin was murdered. Here we are present in the city of Matagalpa to continue demanding justice for the more than 300 murdered”, he said.

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“We demand the freedom of all our political prisoners. Courage and strength for the people of Nicaragua; they leave, they leave,” added Gutiérrez. In addition, he demanded that the United States government not negotiate “with the criminals of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.”

The platform SOS Nicaragua – Italy He emphasized that “Eddy Montes did not die, they shot him to death in the political prison —La Modelo— where they had him locked up for telling the truth and not wanting to live in a dictatorship.”

They affirmed that the Nicaraguan justice system invented crimes for Eddy Montes that he did not commit. “In jail (Montes) he was very loved by the young political prisoners. He printed the loving seal of truth, hope and freedom with dignity ».

They denounced that, like Montes Praslin, the regime left the political prisoner of Ometepe Island, Don Justo Emilio Rodríguez, dead while still alive, and this year “they killed Hugo Torres.”

To date, two political prisoners have died in Nicaraguan police custody. The crimes against him continue in impunity, even more so the Ortega dictatorship continues the siege and repression

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