PRD elects new CEN and renews its structures, Benicio Robinson was re-elected as president of the collective

With the participation of more than 98.7 of the delegates, the XI Ordinary National Congress of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), renewed its structures this Sunday, in internal elections in which the deputy Benicio Robinson was re-elected as president, and Rubén De León as the new secretary general.

In the first vice-presidency, the deputy Crispiano Adames was elected; as second vice president, the Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning, Rogelio Paredes; as first undersecretary the Minister of Labor, Doris Zapata; the second undersecretary was won by the representatives of San Francisco, Carlos Pérez Herrera; in the third undersecretary, deputy Raúl Pineda; in the fourth undersecretary, deputy Ricardo Torres; in the fifth undersecretary’s office, deputy Julio Mendoza; and in the sixth undersecretary Edgar Abdiel Zurdo.

Roy Torres won as prosecutor of the party; while Javier Ortega was elected Defender of the rights of party members.

On Saturday, Arelys González was elected as Secretary for Women; and as Secretary of Youth, Hussein Pitty.

After the new leadership was proclaimed, the general secretary, Rubén De León, said that today is a date in which the bases are consolidated, in a movement in which everyone is involved, “we are a party, we are a great family.”

The message we have to give is that of internal unity to move forward and win the 2021 elections. This CEN must make an effort to be the channel and conduit to unite society, involve young women, and peasants.

Now it’s our turn to move forward, seek space for communication, reflection, but also we have to shake hands sincerely, with humility. “We are willing to continue the path of unity and to organize the party in the 26 areas of organization, recover the community boards, the mayors’ offices and have a greater presence in the Assembly and recover seats that historically belonged to the PRD

The president of the PRD, Benicio Robinson, said that from now on they have the task of uniting the party with a view to winning the elections in 2024.

“The PRD does not give up and is prepared to go to the polls in 2024,” who added that . “All of us here want to win in 2024, and we want to win in 2024, we have to correct course, we have to tell the government that not all things are fine.”

For his part, the first vice president, Crispiano Adames, advocated unity, which can go through the reconversion of Torrijismo.

He said that he is not giving a message of opposition to this government, which has been responsible, and has known how to deal with the pandemic and its aftermath, and expressed the party’s willingness to collaborate with the government’s management.

The Congress also made a posthumous tribute to the guerrilla Victoriano Lorenzo, to commemorate the 119th anniversary of his execution today, May 15; and the businessman and former president of the PRD, Arturo Melo.

Also, the 310 new members of the National Directorate of the PRD, elected in the congresses of organizational areas, were ratified.

This Sunday culminated an internal electoral process that began on March 27, in which more than 350 thousand members of the PRD chose delegates for the Secretariat of Youth, the Secretariat of Women, and to renew the National Executive Committee, in addition to 310 directors.

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