Three parties add the largest number of members in the register

Three parties add the largest number of members in the register

Between FP, PLD and PRM they total 5 million affiliates in their ranks, as reported to the JCE

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) reported last December that it has one million 760 thousand 565 and recently reported that it added 253 thousand new members, which would total 2 million 13 thousand 565 members.

The People’s Force (FP) deposited a list of one million 94 thousand 82 registered and the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) deposited a list of one million 873 thousand 422 affiliates. In total, these organizations add up to 4 million 981 thousand 69 militants and the one with the largest number of affiliates registered is the PLD.

The PLD and the PRM deposited their membership lists in December of last year and the FP deposited on that date and renewed its list last Tuesday, when the president of the organization, Leone Fernández, went before the electoral body.

The parties do not stop activism in search of new militants. Fernández said that his party will continue to be on the streets to continue registering members and that they are purging another 195,000 to add him to the list of members.

On his side, President Luis Abinader, leader of the PRM, in the act of handing over certificates to the new authorities, urged the PRM members to take to the streets so that the organization’s registry reaches 3 million members. To achieve this goal, the official party will have to register around 1.2 million new members.

While the president of the PLD, Danilo Medina, develops an agenda of swearing in new members since last May in different provinces of the country. That organization will carry out a consultation to choose the presidential candidate in October of this year and according to Alejandrina Germán, people who are registered in more than one party will be allowed to vote.

Recently, the JCE reported that more than 892 thousand people are registered in more than one political party and urged the organizations to purge the place. On this point, Fernández said that the list of members of his party is fully audited and refined.

The number of affiliates of these three organizations is around more than 60% of the electoral roll for the 2020 congressional and presidential elections, which was 7 million 529 thousand 923 voters. Of that amount, 595 thousand 879 are registered in the register abroad.

What does the law say?

Article nine of Law 33/18 on Political Parties establishes that the organizations will keep an updated general registry of all their affiliates, ordered by electoral constituency, municipality and province, as well as those from abroad.

It also orders that the parties provide a duplicate of this registry to the competent authority of the Central Electoral Board and communicate to said institution the new affiliations and disaffiliations that for any reason occur in their organization.

The paragraph of article nine of Law 33/18 establishes that it will be delivered updated each year to the competent authority of the Central Electoral Board and the electoral boards and will contain the files corresponding to the affiliation or disaffiliation of its members, signed by the authority competent supporter.

Regarding double affiliation, article seven of that law establishes the following: “No citizen may be affiliated with more than one political party, group or movement. By affiliating with another party, group or political movement, the previous affiliation is immediately renounced. It adds that the resignation will lead to disaffiliation by the sole fact of being presented to the president of the party, group or political movement, of which he will send a copy to the JCE within thirty days following the date of receipt.

It also adds that de facto affiliation to a party other than the one to which one is registered represents automatic resignation. Article eight of the law lists the reasons for automatic resignation.

“Affiliation to another political party, group or movement, support for another opposing candidacy, making pronouncements against popular election candidacies nominated by their party, participation in activities of opposing parties, or acceptance of candidacies by another party, will imply the automatic renunciation of all previous affiliation, complying with the requirements established in article 7 of this law, after verifying that any of these situations were with their approval or consent”, points out the Political Parties and Groups Law 33/18.

PRD has a list of 165 thousand members

The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), the fourth largest, last December deposited a list of 186,980 members. By then, he reported that he would develop a growth program with the recruitment of new members. Alianza País reported that the organization has more than 7,618 members and that they are currently working on the growth and strengthening of this political organization. That organization recently suffered a division when it separated from Democratic Choice, so its new reality would have to be seen. The partisan political system of the country has 28 political parties, but less than ten have deposited the list of militants before the electoral body, despite the fact that the party law establishes that renewal is mandatory every year. The last to achieve recognition was Generation of Servers.

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Judging by the statements of the leaders of the main parties, this year they will exceed 6 million members.

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