Three negative tendencies of the president that were emphasized during 2022

Three negative tendencies of the president that were emphasized during 2022

The first one is an increasingly polarized discourse rooted in the presidential narrative. We have been listening to monologues for four years where the idea of ​​”us and them” prevails. Where the people collide, referring to their sympathizers, against the neoliberals, who are those who do harm and oppose the transformation. A narrative that sells very well in the current context and that seems to contribute to the approval of the president among various groups.

However, this narrative is dangerous and can get out of hand. The clearest example is the constant stigmatization of the press to the degree of suggest that it is harmful to listen to Ciro or Loret de Mola or Sarmiento . Days later, the journalist Ciro Gomez Leyva He suffered an attack when he was driving back to his house. Chance? In the deadliest country in the world to be a journalist, the president’s words cannot be taken lightly. Whether he likes it or not, he is an authority figure and for no reason can he allow himself to say things that could lead to the murder of people who think differently or who do not support his national project.

The second trend is a destruction of institutions that began with a generalized fight against the autonomous organizations and that viciously attacks the National Electoral Institute (INE).. Initially, the president sought to transform the electoral system from the Constitution, which mobilized thousands of citizens to march in defense of him. The reaction was such that this reform was stopped, but “Plan B” advanced that seeks to restructure the INE in a more moderate way, but the legislative process has not yet concluded.

We will close the year with the INE “safe”, as it will operate normally until the Senate resumes sessions in February. However it will with a budget 18% less than requested for the following year. Given these events, the survival of the institution that shields and gives legitimacy to the elections in Mexico is concerned.

The third trend is decision-making for client purposes. An example is the 20% increase in the budget for social programs, including the resources that were cut from the INE during the budget negotiation. Although these programs offset the income of beneficiaries, they also contribute to higher approval of the president and his party as measured by a Reforma newspaper survey.

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