León Gieco releases album and includes collaboration with Silvio Rodríguez

The musician and composer Argentinian León Gieco premiered The little man of the sea album that includes a collaboration with the Cuban silvio rodriguez.

Recorded during the quarantine, the album is the result of a long and intense process with the musician and producer Luis Gurevich. It includes 13 songs, some composed by the Gieco-Gurevich duo.

Among the versions, “Sueño con serpientes” stands out, the song by Silvio Rodríguez. Gieco said that he always found it a crazy and beautiful song.

“I have a message from Silvio who, upon listening to it, told me that he had not only completed it, but that the song had grown, so we are very happy to have recorded it that way,” León Gieco recently declared.

“I only ask God that the war is not indifferent to me”

Originally the theme corresponds to the album days and flowers from the early seventies of the last century, and since then it has been covered by numerous international performers such as Milton Nascimento, Luis Eduardo Aute, the band Los Bunkers and others.

The Argentine’s new album can now be heard on the internet, it has a CD and a vinyl edition.

Other stars such as Roger Walters, the French soprano Emma Shapplin, the Spanish Carlos Núñez, the Mexican Lila Downs, the Uruguayan murga Agarrate Catalina and the Argentine Gustavo Santaolalla are among the guests.

León Gieco stopped performing live due to problems with his vocal cords, which required a long period of speech therapy to heal. He so far cannot do extensive recitals, although he has been seen in small performances with some friends.

Argentine singer-songwriter León Gieco will sing in Cuba in 2015

The author of “Sólo le pido a Dios” received the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence in 2006 and is a true protagonist of Argentine rock and popular music.

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