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Three “big shots” who sent 653 kg of cocaine between Paraguayan meat

Three are the people identified by the Anti-Drug Police and the Senad, as those who emerge as responsible for the 653 kilos of cocaine that, last week, was seized in Uruguay in the midst of beef from Paraguay. Adelio Fretes García and Victor Ramón Sanabria Porto, are two of the 3 names that have been announced so far.

The announcement was made today within the framework of the launch, in Uruguay, of the Moscow Connection operation, an anti-drug plan that aims to dismantle the new networks of drug shipments from South America to Europe and Africa.

In this operation, in Paraguy, seven simultaneous raids were carried out this Tuesday in Emboscada, Department of Cordillera; in Horqueta, Department of Concepción; in Ciudad del Este, Department of Alto Paraná, and in Villa Elisa, Central Department.

The director of Communications of the Senad, Francisco Ayala, indicated that there is a court order for the arrest of three people who were the ones who sent the cocaine loads.

“So far there have been three people identified as possibly involved, against whom an arrest warrant has already been issued,” Ayala remarked to Noticias Paraguay,

He alleged that the 653 kg of cocaine seized in Montevideo had been loaded in Emboscada, in containers that were later taken to Uruguay.

The new Paraguayan criminal structure would have its operations command in the Department of Concepción, according to data provided to the media. And that the linked businessperson has his “screen” activity is the export of beef.

The Public Ministry team is led by prosecutors Osmar Segovia, Isaac Ferreira, Guillermo Sanabria, Celso Morales, Arnaldo Argüello, Manuel Rojas and Vicente Rodríguez, together with another team linked to the Senad.

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