Vacunación de nicaragüenses en Honduras

Thousands of Nicaraguans line up in Honduras for second dose of vaccines

Endless lines of at least four blocks of Nicaraguan citizens were made at the different vaccination points on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua looking for the second dose of the vaccine against covid-19, a day before the health authorities of the neighboring country announced That this Wednesday, November 24, they suspend the application and will resume it “tentatively”, on the third of December.

“Filadelfo”, received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on the border of El Guasaule on October 28 where he had to queue for almost 12 hours, so for the application of his second dose he decided to change location and go to the municipality of El Triunfo, where he had heard that the application was much more orderly.

He arrived, this time, around four in the morning and at 10:30 he was already vaccinated. The line was long, he says, but the authorities in that town decided to let 30 people pass at the same time, they approached the line, they took their vaccination cards and they were letting them get vaccinated one by one until it was the turn of the next group. of 30.

“A person passed by removing the cards, they were taken in order and so no one gets in line,” said “Filadelfo”, who also added that as an extra measure, the people in the lines marked the numbers of their shifts with a marker in the arms, to prevent others from occupying a place that did not belong to them.

In addition to “Filadelfo”, on November 19, the 53-year-old independent journalist William Aragón, after a month of receiving the first dose of Moderna inoculant, traveled to the border area La Fraternidad, Choluteca, Honduras, to obtain the second dose of serum against covid-19.

For several hours, the Nicaraguans had to wait their turn at the two vaccination posts set up in El Espino. Photo of the Shammah Church post.

On that occasion, like the first time he traveled, he had to cross into Honduras through a blind spot in the El Espino border area, known as “Los Lavanderos”, since the Nicaraguan Migration authorities – at the time he tried to cross- “they weren’t giving the pass”.

“It bothered us a lot that they had closed the spaces because of the needle, in El Espino, so I had to go through ´Los Lavanderos´, which is about 22 minutes away on foot, it is a trail, and from there you reach the border area La Fraternidad, Honduras, where they had three vaccination posts, ”said Aragón.

He stressed that the process, although there were only three vaccination posts, was fast, since he arrived at around six in the morning and left at one in the afternoon, despite the fact that there were thousands of Nicaraguans – most of them young people and adolescents. lining up to get the second dose of the inoculant.

Vaccination of Nicaraguans in Honduras
The República de Honduras school is another of the points enabled on the La Fraternidad border.

The communicator, who also traveled this November 23 to accompany a relative who needed to get the second dose of the covid-19 vaccine, explains that currently in the border area of ​​La Fraternidad there are four vaccination posts and the immigration authorities Nicaraguans are already passing through the El Espino border post.

“They ask for your ID or vaccination card and they let you pass,” he says.

Aragon estimates that on November 23 there were about 3,000 people in the La Fraternidad border area looking for the second dose of the inoculant. The journalist’s relative received position 997 to be vaccinated in one of the four positions set up in La Fraternidad.

They will not vaccinate those who do not meet the date

The day of application of the second doses of vaccines against covid-19 for Nicaraguans began on November 18; however, it will be suspended between November 24 and December 3, due to the general election process that will be held in Honduras next weekend.

Danny Sánchez, municipal coordinator of San Marcos de Colón, Choluteca, Honduras, said, in an interview with local media, that they were notified by their superiors that the vaccination day would run until this Wednesday, November 24.

“We assure the population that we are not going to leave them unvaccinated, that the vaccine is ready,” he rescued.

The authorities of the Ministry of Health of Honduras reported in early November that, during the day of application of the first doses of vaccines against covid-19, held between October 21 and last November 6, they inoculated 103 611 Nicaraguans with Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, ensuring that said group had guaranteed the second serum dose.

According to the account of another person who was lining up to get vaccinated this November 23, a person from the El Espino vaccination post warned them that they had to comply with the date established in their vaccination card, otherwise, they would not apply the second dose. .

“Yesterday people came who were vaccinated on October 31 and they were not allowed to get vaccinated,” because “they are not letting people who have one day less than 28 days or who do not meet the date assigned on their card get vaccinated,” he said. person.

This November 22, a post from the Municipality of San Marcos Colón on Facebook announced the suspension of vaccination, especially for Nicaraguans due to the elections that will be held in Honduras on the weekend of November 28.

“That is, if your second dose is on: November 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, December 1 and 2, then the date that we will confirm in future publications should come,” the communication indicated. Until the closing of this informative note, the rescheduling dates were not known.

However, the same Facebook page indicated on November 23 that second dose applications would be made for Hondurans until November 26.

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