This was the palatial banquet with which the Emiratis entertained Lacalle Pou

The tables were 1.80 meters wide and the diners, separated a meter and a half apart, had to their right six different dishes covered with silver. A spicy lamb stew, baked lamb, fish with sauce and baked chicken were the main dishes, all accompanied by different options and dressings that the diners had in front of them, one for each one, including the inevitable hummus. There was as much food as it was possible to eat.

President Luis Lacalle Pou and his wife Lorena Ponce de León were in the center of the main table. Ministers Francisco Bustillo, Azucena Arbeleche, Omar Paganini, Fernando Mattos and Tabaré Viera supported him. Opposite there were businessmen and in the other branch of the table were other officials and businessmen who also enjoyed the banquet offered by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance of the United Arab Emirates, and cousin of the ruling prince Mohamman Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, heir to the family that founded the seven emirates. The Al Nahyan concentrate their power in Abu Dhabi and rule the UAE, which is governed by a constitutional monarchy.

The entertainment was on Monday at noon, during the “Uruguay day” at Expo Dubai 2020and after the first tour of the fair where there was a ceremony in the main space with hymns, flags and the words of Minister Al Nahyan and the Uruguayan president. There Lacalle Pou called for Emirati investmentwho seek to have a greater participation in Latin America and see Uruguay as a gateway.

Uruguayan businessmen enjoyed lunch. In the background you can see the president at the event

Dubai is a logistics services center for the entire region, with a port and a free zone. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi is a powerful oil pole, but it is looking for new industries. The Emiratis recently created an investment fund to diversify the economy and, for this reason, Lacalle Pou emphasized the search for investment.

“We want them to go to our country to invest, that they have the possibility of being owners, partners and shareholders of the generation of food,” he assured.

Lacalle Pou highlighted Uruguayan “freedom”, “stability” and “security”, and said that the country “is willing to offer the world the elements to be free,” and that it cannot be without “food”, “peaceful relations”, “state-of-the-art technology” and “possibility of moving”.

In addition, he stated that Uruguay “is a great nation that has a cumulative process of many years” and that makes “its best men, its best women and its best historical tradition” available. And he said that in such a “turbulent world” the country “ensures contracts”, “laws”, “constitutionality” and “peace”.

The entertainment this Monday for 50 people from the Uruguayan delegation and the Emirati authorities was attended by the Uruguayan businessmen who accompany the president and his ministers, including the president of the chambers of construction, industry, commerce, information technologies information. In addition, dispatchers, companies linked to the food industry (Conaprole, rice cookers, Bodegas Garzón, among others) and managers of free zones attended.

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