This Thursday they file a new project for the capital market

This Thursday they file a new project for the capital market

The bill of access and financing for the construction of equity and that includes a large part of the initiative that reformed the law of the capital market and that was withdrawn, will be filed this Thursday in Congress and will be asked to be analyzed with an urgent message so that it can be approved.

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The bill that, this Wednesday, the Government presented a group of congressmen It has 47 articles and seeks to update the capital market and financial legislation.

The idea is to update the entire issue of low-value payment systems, in addition to seeking to confront the so-called ‘drop by drop’ and ‘pay daily’ social phenomenon through a mechanism that broadens the spectrum of entities that offer this type of credits such as cooperatives, microfinance institutions in competition with municipalities, departments and compensation funds.

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It seeks to accommodate a set of new actors that can shelter an important part of a population of almost 10 million people who go to the ‘drop by drop’.

The project also acts against the insurance industry, allowing the acquisition of new insurance programs, such as those called parameterized, which do not necessarily imply tangible damage. These insurances are directed so that they acquire themThe less favored people or certain actors in the economy.

An example of parameterized insurance is when a crop is insured. If the weather or humidity conditions are altered in certain percentages and affect the harvest, it is considered that there is a claim because the profitability of the crop will not be as expected.

According to the representative to the Chamber, Oscar Darío Pérez, “This type of collective insurance can be given for the agricultural sector or groups and activities of vulnerable people are difficult in Colombia due to regulatory issues”.

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The project seeks to modernize the financial and stock exchange systems, especially considering that Colombia is advancing an integration with the stock exchanges of Lima and Santiago to make it more efficient and The trading system is great, especially in the stock market.


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