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This Thursday, March 3, there is no strike in Colombia, the one that had been called was canceled

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Los Héroes en Bogotá -paro en Colombia

The strike in Colombia had been called for “hunger and famine” and against President Duque, but they will announce a new date. Photo: Noticias Caracol/ @MrOlmos 2021.

The National Strike Committee had called a protest because “everything is expensive” and against several government decisions, then they announced that the national mobilization was being canceled and a new date would be announced.

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This Thursday, March 3, a strike was planned in Colombia, called by the National Unemployment Committee, to protest against the high prices of food, “non-compliance by the national government with agreements reached in 2021”, against President Duque, among others. reasons, however, last week they announced that the protest was canceled and a new date will be given.

This call had received criticism, even from the same sectors that have participated in other mobilizations.

The reasons that led the Committee to cancel the strike call this Thursday are not very clear, but the proximity of the elections to Congress would be one of weight.

The fact that the country has just emerged from an armed strike by the ELN and the same public order situation in several regions could be among the reasons, there would be others.

And it is that between February 23 and 26, the National Liberation Army (ELN) held a strike that left more than 60 actions of the group in Colombia.

yesaccording to the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz), this action by the ELN had a high impact.

For 72 hours they blocked roads, activated explosives, burned vehicles.

In addition, in several cities the so-called First Line announced that it did not support the Committee’s strike.

These protest groups said they would not go out to mobilize this Thursday.

The Committee argued that the mobilization was canceled because they did not want to be held responsible for excesses.

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