This Saturday the inflation figure for January will be known

This Saturday the inflation figure for January will be known

This Saturday at 12:00 noon, Dane will present the results of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of January, and the market’s expectations are that the increase in the monthly indicator will be around 0.89% according to the expectations survey carried out by Banco de la República, although several market analysts consider that it could even be 1%.

(Raise of the minimum and food would keep inflation shot up in January).

Thus, annual inflation would exceed 6%, which marks a bitter start to the year in terms of prices for the consumer basket. According to the Citi survey, in which 27 entities participated for January, inflation is expected to reach an average of 6.20%, while the survey of Fedesarrollo’s Financial Opinion highlighted how analysts believe that annual inflation will reach 6.17% for January.

The inflationary pressures that have been hitting the global economy and at the national level in recent months continue to drive prices up, especially on the food side, especially for products such as meat, fruit and tubers, as well as dairy products, which continued to accelerate at the beginning of the year.

(Alerts for possible rises in inflation and the dollar).

Other elements that, according to analysts, could influence the January data are the pressures of goods indexed to the rise in the minimum wage, as well as the rise in gasoline prices, which increased in the last days of 2021.


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