This Saturday the global event takes place in Argentina "Earth Hour"

This Saturday the global event takes place in Argentina "Earth Hour"

Earth Hour 2022, the world’s most important environmental awareness initiative, will hold a new edition tomorrow with a call to turn off the lights of buildings and monuments for one hour around the world to demand a “safer, fairer and more sustainable,” reported the World Conservation Organization (WWF).

The event, in which more than 200 countries participatewill take place this Saturday between 20.30 and 21.30.

In Argentina, different commercial brands announced that they will reduce energy consumption at that time in Led screens located on public roads in the City of Buenos Aires, reported the Havas Argentina agency,

“The objective of this action will be to raise awareness, reach millions of people and stimulate the rational use of energy. We seek to demonstrate that we are all responsible for our planet, that we are all united by the same purpose, that we can be together in this and that the contribution of each one, no matter how small it may seem, is important”, highlighted the agency that brings together at least 14 commercial brands in the initiative.

In social networks, the initiative will be promoted with the hashtag #Changeforclimatechange

The WWF entity that promotes this initiative throughout the world, highlighted that “This year, Earth Hour will take place at a very difficult time due to the conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it is causing. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected”

“Earth Hour was created precisely to unite the world and support people and the planet. To achieve peace and harmony between human beings and nature. Earth Hour offers this year another moment for solidarity and the opportunity to come together and take care of the home we all share,” they added.

They also argued that this new edition comes in a context in which numerous governments and organizations are calling for “greater ambition and urgent action to stop and reverse the loss of nature by 2030”, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations Organization.

Earth Hour was born in Australia in 2007 as “a symbolic gesture” to draw attention to the problem of climate change and since then it has become “one of the largest environmental movements in the world”, joined by more than 200 countries.

Within the framework of the new edition, they explained that the year 2030 is “a milestone for scientists” since if the current form of production and consumption cannot be changed “to make it more sustainable” by then, it will be “almost impossible to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

With the goal of halting the loss of biodiversity and halving C02 emissions by 2030, the organization called on society to commit and assured that “with effort and teamwork” it will be possible to win “the race to emergency climatic”.

Looking ahead to this year’s edition, the WWF organization launched the #KMPorElPlaneta campaign, an initiative to publicly demonstrate support for the defense of the Planet, which called for adding kilometers walking, running, skating or cycling until Saturday, March 26 .

The challenge has already accumulated a total of 248,237 kilometers, which is equivalent to six laps around the perimeter of the planet, which is about 40,000 kilometers long.

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