This May 15, Mexico celebrates teachers and teachers

This May 15, Mexico celebrates teachers and teachers

When is Teacher’s Day?

The history of Teacher’s Day in Mexico dates back to 1917, when a group of deputies (almost all former teachers) sent an initiative to Congress to celebrate education workers. Within this initiative, it was proposed that the date to commemorate him be May 15.

Teachers are celebrated on May 15 to commemorate the taking of Querétaro in 1867, when the Mexican army managed to defeat the Second Empire of Mexico.

In addition, this date does not only celebrate a battle, but also a central character in the history of the Catholic Church: Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Saint John de la Salle was an innovative French priest and pedagogue, who devoted his life to training teachers for the education of children of artisans and poor children of the time.

For this reason, on May 15, 1950, he was declared the special patron of all educators of children and youth and the universal patron of educators by Pope Pius XII (1876-1958).



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