This is what Colombians most hired by foreign companies earn

This is what Colombians most hired by foreign companies earn

In 2021, international contracting in Latin America increased by more than 286%, 70% in Colombia alone. This becomes a growth opportunity for both companies and professionals, who can access jobs in global organizations without leaving their countries of origin.

(More than 100 job opportunities in the manufacturing area).

In colombia, systems engineers and senior project managers They are the profiles most in demand by international companies and can aspire to an annual salary of up to US$104,700 and US$112,600, respectively, working remotely. This was announced by Deel, an international talent hiring and payment solution.

When it comes to junior or less experienced positionssystems engineers working for foreign companies access payments of up to $24,000 a year, while younger project positions of up to $50,300 a year.

(Unemployment in Colombia returns to pre-pandemic levels).

Another of the most demanded positions, according to data from Deel, is that of Customer Support. In that case, salaries range from $3,700 to $34,000 a year, depending on the level of experience.

“International contracting offers clear benefits for companies and individuals, but at the same time, to reach a successful negotiation, it is necessary to have information on the trends and conditions of each market. Although Latin America has certain characteristics in common as a region, each country has its particularities and it is important that the Human Resources teams know them, to ensure that they are offering a competitive offer”, says Natalia Jiménez, Head of South America at Deel.


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