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This is the true problem!

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This is the true problem!

Is it that we are waiting for an earthquake, an economic debacle or a social upheaval in the country to strike – one that hits us so deeply – as to have the ability to reach an agreement among Bolivians and, from there, live in peace ? Hopefully it is not so, because that would bring a lot of pain.

To understand why the world is going wrong and why Bolivia is not the exception, considering the confrontational situation in which it finds itself, it is necessary to understand that the life of the human being is the result of his own decisions, which added to the of others – actively and consciously or passively and ignorantly – sign their destiny. Hence, what “man forges his own destiny”, that “each people has the government it deserves”, etc., all of which has to do with two fundamental aspects: information and training.

Man, being a tripartite being -spirit, soul and body- has needs to be satisfied for their realization, and the predominance of one of them will depend on whether his current and future life is strongly spiritual, soulish or carnal.

The natural man, for example, does not know God, therefore, he is his own god and he handles himself according to human philosophies and his own rules; he is dominated by his desires and seeks glory in life (this being insatiable, unfortunately).

Something similar happens with the soulish being who, despite knowing about God, is prey to his emotions and feelings by not having discernment about the truth.

Out of such situations come the excessive aspirations for money, power, fame and pleasure, clarifying that neither wealth, power, fame and passion – well directed – are bad per se, what is bad is their lack of control .

But when the physical body and the ego of man are dominated by a superior spirit, based on obedience to the spiritual laws given by the Word of God, its prevalence over human fables makes things change for the better. Man acquires the ability to discern spiritually and becomes aware that, beyond his physical earthly body, his soul is immortal, and that beyond death, his future for eternity – in light or dark – is at stake; then your objectives, goals and priorities will change.

This is what explains the current state of things, furthermore, it is written that this was going to be: that, in the last days, we would face dangerous times, with men who love themselves and wealth, vainglorious, arrogant, blasphemous, disobedient, ungrateful, impious, without natural affection, implacable, slanderous, intemperate, cruel, haters of the good, traitors, impetuous, infatuated, lovers of delights more than of God, who will have the appearance of godliness, but will deny the efficacy of it , and, this, not only at the level of the citizen but also of the rulers and – even more serious – of many people who, despite claiming to know about God, are unaware of it or have little of divine mandates. Do you know people like that?

If you reflect on the aforementioned and come to the painful conclusion that the time we have had to live has to do with the proliferation of people with such characteristics, you will be faced with sad evidence that this explains the reason for man’s excessive search for acquiring more and more power, more wealth and more fame to – in the absence of a superior spirit to bend his heart, mind, soul and body – to satisfy his uncontrolled passions, seeking to fill a great inner emptiness and find happiness at any cost , regardless of the neighbor, not at all …

On the contrary, when the “I” is dominated by the Spirit, the human being understands that true happiness lies in living in peace, the key being to make others happy. Can you imagine rulers and ruled, with such a love, who strongly considers their neighbor? Whoever does not love like this has not known God, because God is love (a matter of information and training). This is the true problem!

Gary Antonio Rodríguez Álvarez is Pastor

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