"This is not the first time the FTC has lied."

“This is not the first time the FTC has lied.”

Last Friday, Óscar Chamorro, commander of the Joint Task Forces (FTC), reported in a press conference that the Joint Task Forces (FTC) killed four members of the Armed Peasant Group (ACA – EP).

It indicated that based on the information obtained, they learned that the members of the criminal group were located within the vicinity of the Paso Bravo park in Concepción. He pointed out that access is difficult and that marijuana is planted in the area as cocaine air shipments, through clandestine tracks.

“Three people were killed during a first event, and then a fourth person, minutes later,” he reported.

The military high command failed to mention that the attack was carried out by drug trafficking groups, and not precisely by the FTC.

Federico Delfino, prosecutor in the case, reported yesterday morning that, in reality, the aforementioned special operations group was not responsible for the coup. Rather, gangs linked to drug trafficking ended the lives of Elizandro Balbuena Maríz (22 years old), Víctor Maríz Domínguez (51), Fredy Florenciano Campuzano (19) and Emiliano Romero Valiente (23).

Juan Martens, a doctor of criminology, questioned that it is not the first time that the FTC has lied about its actions. The serious thing in this case is that it is the State Attorney General’s office that denied the information.

“The FTC is very delegitimized and does not have any control over the territory, and as a way of justifying itself, actions carried out by drug traffickers were attributed, in this case,” he said.

He pointed out that the FTC does not have the capacity to handle this situation, as various sectors have been denouncing, and it is the National Police that must be strengthened to prosecute criminals in that area of ​​the country, whether or not they are organized crime. “It was also demonstrated , that there is a sector of the press, which even in military uniform, began to defend the FTC and accuse those who demanded an investigation. That is even more worrisome, ”he mentioned.

He urged that Commander Chamorro be prosecuted, since he cannot continue to lead when the Prosecutor’s Office itself now publishes a report signed by him. “The problem is that this also delegitimizes the President of the Republic,” he said.

When asked if this is a reason for the FTC to be dissolved, he mentioned that this would be the best option. Since, it represents a useless expense that does not have any positive result. Since its creation in 2013, until 2020, it has already cost the State US $ 63 million.

“That money should be used to strengthen and equip the National Police, over which more control is exercised. Furthermore, it is an internal security problem, over which the police have jurisdiction, and not the military. Since its creation, the FTC has had problems because, among other things, it is unconstitutional, ”he concluded.

Through a statement released yesterday morning, the CODI announced that they will only give details of the operation to relevant jurisdictional bodies. In other words, they will no longer respond to press inquiries about the alleged confrontation.

Juan Martens, doctor of criminology.

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