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“This is how we will see them all”: Gabriela Montero’s forceful message about the arrest of Chávez’s nurse

Gabriela Montero - Guaidó swims among sharks
Gabriela Montero on the case of Chávez’s nurse: “Justice arrives”. | Photo: Archive

The pianist Gabriela Montero, honorary consul of Amnesty International, expressed her opinion this Friday, May 13, regarding the case of Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén, former national treasurer of Venezuela and known as the “nurse of Hugo Chávez”, whom Spain handed over to the United States. Thursday.

Through her Twitter account, the pianist wrote a short message regarding this case: “So we will see you all. They looted a country, they contributed to the fact that 8 million Venezuelans had to flee a broken country, they stole the present and future from old/young people and created the worst misery on our continent.”

And he added: “The least they deserve is jail. Justice comes.”

Gabriela Montero

The message was in response to a tweet posted by The New Country and Zeta, in which they report on the legal situation of Chavez’s nurse.

In this message the account expresses: «US authorities report: ‘Venezuelan national ex-treasurer Claudia Diaz She arrived in Florida last night and is in custody. Diaz’s arrest follows an investigation led by @HSI_Miami into money laundering and foreign corruption law violations.”

This Friday the United States authorities published the first photograph in which Claudia Díaz, former treasurer of the Republic and nurse of President Hugo Chávez, is seen detained.

The image was released by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). The arrest of the former Venezuelan treasurer is in accordance with an investigation led by that agency on money laundering and violation of the foreign corruption law. This resulted in her being indicted on December 16, 2020.

Díaz Guillén appeared in court this Friday and did so chained hands and feet and wearing dark blue clothing. She answered her questions through an interpreter during the hearing in which she was read the money laundering charges for which she was extradited.

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