MIDES presented a temporary employment program for 3,000 people

MIDES presented a temporary employment program for 3,000 people

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, attended the launch of the Socio-educational and labor program Accesos, which will give 3,000 people the opportunity to train and receive, for 7 months, a monthly salary of 18,000 pesos.

Minister Martín Lema affirmed that the work autonomy and social welfare of the beneficiaries are sought. The program’s annual budget is close to 400 million pesos.

Lema and the national director of Territorial Management of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), Alejandro Sciarra, explained this May 12 at the Executive Tower the details of the plan that will reach 3,000 people in a situation of social vulnerability with proposals for socio-educational and labor inclusion .

The presentation was accompanied by the secretary and deputy secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado and Rodrigo Ferrés, respectively; the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas; that of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, and the undersecretary of Mides, Andrea Brugman.

Also present were the National Secretary of Sport, Sebastián Bauzá; the Undersecretary of Transport and Public Works, Juan José Olaizola; the general assistant secretary of OSE, Juan Martin Jorge; the president of Antel, Gabriel Gurméndez; the vice president of UTE, Julio Luis Sanguinetti; the mayor of Municipality F, Juan Pedro López, and the president of the Congress of Mayors, Guillermo López.

Minister Lema emphasized that Accesos seeks to graduate and improve people. The participants were selected by Mides technicians and not by lottery, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were also excluded. This made it possible to optimize resources and offer a higher monthly salary, which reaches 18,000 pesos.

The training, coordinated by Mides, the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (Inefop) and the UTU, incorporates English scholarships that can be used in the Uruguay-United States Cultural Alliance. In addition, comprehensive assistance will be available from the State Health Services Administration (ASSE).

For his part, Sciarra highlighted the signing of agreements between Mides and other portfolios, the Congress of Mayors, autonomous and private entities, with the aim that users of Accesos materialize job and educational training opportunities.

He reported that more than 1,500 young people will participate in the program throughout Uruguay, 300 women with dependent children, 161 who left their homes due to situations of violence, 43 people released from the prison system, 135 homeless and 248 with disabilities or in need of care. .

Companies that hire Accesses beneficiaries will be able to access the incentives established in the Employment Protection Law of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

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