This is how they applauded in class the anthropologist who leads the work in Battalion 14 after finding skeletal remains

Before beginning the class, a group of students at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of the REpública applauded Alicia Lusiardo, the anthropologist who is leading the work to unearth and collect the skeletal remains found in Battalion 14, which may be from a disappeared detainee during the last military dictatorship.

“Thus, full of pride, we received our teacher Alicia Lusiardo in the Humanities today, after the GREAT work that the team of anthropologists is doing in the 14th battalion,” wrote Kiana Kazalas. one of her students, on her Twitter account.

Lusiardo, who was preparing to give a class on Forensic Anthropology, was in charge of explaining to the relatives of the disappeared detainees details of the discovery that occurred this week.

The head of the forensic investigation group, Alicia Lusiardo, pointed out that this meeting is the result of the work that the team has been doing, in a precaution that was extended in 2020 to extend the areas that had already been excavated by the team. “This is a place that has always been of interest because of the information out there, and because of the previous findings.”

“In this place there is little depth, this burial was between 20 and 40 centimeters deep with lime below and the body was face down, plenty of lime on top and a stoneware on top. The lime generated a mold and you can see the heels , the legs, thighs, buttocks in that lime. We have partially recovered the skeleton. We have a primary burial, it is not that it was dug up and buried here. Everything that has to do with the analysis of pathologies and traumas will be analyzed in laboratories A bone sample is going to be sent for genetic analysis,” he continued.

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