DGI will be in charge of the “online sale of stamped paper” in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Finance and Public Credit authorized this Thursday, June 8, the General Directorate of Revenue (DGI) to proceed with the “piloting of the online sale of sealed paper” used by lawyers and notaries public to legalize deeds , process powers and other legal procedures.

Through ministerial agreement 003-2023 published in The Gazette, Minister Iván Acosta made official this proposal that begins as a pilot project. It is expected that this “innovative idea” will be officially established in a short time.

Acosta argued that he has authorized this pilot test “in accordance with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which are an important tool to ensure the continuity of the provision of services and that will facilitate and meet the high demand for paper sealed, in that they provide an additional option.”

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Likewise, he explained that the option may be used optionally by users, since the sale of physical stamped paper will continue to be carried out in the traditional way at the national level.

DGI will be in charge of the "online sale of stamped paper" in Nicaragua
Iván Acosta head of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

The ministerial agreement also establishes that “once the piloting tests are completed, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit will issue the respective Ministerial agreement authorizing the general issuance of stamped paper online, where the procedure for registration, payment and use of sealed paper online.

In addition, it indicates that the DGI will communicate through a notice that the online purchase will be an additional option and that users will be able to choose the sealed paper of their choice.

As for the stamped paper that the DGI will offer online, it must have a “QR code” that can be verified through the website of the state institution; and can be in color or black and white.

“The DGI and the General Directorate of Technologies of the MHCP must guarantee extreme security conditions based on international standards and best practices that allow its functionality and prevent the inappropriate use of this mechanism,” he adds.

Sealed paper
In addition to raising the price of this instrument used for judicial and administrative procedures, stamps are becoming more expensive. Photo: Article 66

The constitutional lawyer Eliseo Nuñez explained to Article 66 that the implementation of the online sale of sealed paper is something that is necessary in Nicaragua and a correct step if it lived in a democracy, because in a dictatorship this initiative “becomes suspect.”

The Ortega Murillo administration can use it to make this project official “to punish or reward depending on its political interests and not depending on what the law says,” Nuñez said.

In addition, the lawyer maintained that this initiative seeks to centralize the sale of stamped paper, but “it is the type of centralization that is normally good in a democracy, but in this case they will be able to use that centralization, for example, to prevent a notary from buying when They do not think what this notary is doing, to prevent a business or for any other type of thing.

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