This is how the presidency of the Senate was distributed for the next 4 years

This is how the presidency of the Senate was distributed for the next 4 years

The delegates of the different parties are advancing in the distribution of the congressmen for the next quadrennium. In this way, with a ‘record’ agreement, the senate presidency. For now, the House of Representatives is still missing.

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It is expected that this Monday, July 18, it will be defined who will lead the lower house of Congress under the mediation of representative David Racero.

On the other hand, this Friday, July 15, Senator Roy Barreras announced the distribution of the presidencies of the Senate for the following legislative periods. It was established that the first year, which begins this July 20, will be for the governing coalition: Phistorical act, where it is already decided that the president will be Barreras.

Likewise, the second year will be taken by the Green party, the third the Conservative Party and the last the Liberal Party. “We have finished the task, President Gustavo Petro begins with the largest government parliamentary majority that any president has had at the beginning of his administration (…) The agreements are closed with the government parties. The Pact will preside over the Senate and the House for the first year,” said Barreras.

In this way, the elected president, Gustavo Petro, will have greater governability to be able to process different reforms. Among them, the tax, budget, rural reform and the National Development Plan. This is why the coalition of the Historical Pact will have the greatest responsibilities in the legislative agenda.

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There will also be as a result of these days of agreement the certainty of having not only majorities in the economic commissions, but both will be presided over by the Historical Pact. The third and the fourth. We have the obligation as a government block to lead the economic reforms: the tax reform, the general budget of the Nation and the National Development Plan.Barriers pointed out.

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