This is how the Porvenir youth employment support program works

This is how the Porvenir youth employment support program works

With the aim of supporting the labor activation of young Colombians, the pension and unemployment fund Future launched the program ‘To camel was said’, a tool for this segment of the population to find Job opportunities and, simultaneously, develop capacities to develop capacities and strengthen skills.

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With this initiative, AFP hopes impact about 6 million young people who seek to enter the world of work, who are currently unemployed or want to improve their working conditions.

According to Bernardo Sánchez, manager of marketing and sustainability at Porvenir, “As part of the business fabric of the country, we are called to develop strategies that allow young people to join the world of work. Dane figures show that between June and August the unemployment rate among people under 28 years of age stood at 21.5%, which translates into 1.46 million unemployed youth, these figures invite us to take action through of this youth employment support program”.

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In ‘A camellar se said’ young people will find everything they need to inform yourself, prepare and apply for vacancies that best suit your academic and work experience.

To link, they can enter the Porvenir website, where they will find three training modules with articles and videos related to the different types of contracts that exist in Colombia, ‘tips’ for conducting a job interview, tips for doing good use of the first salary, among others.

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They also have a preparation module for them to follow strengthening their academic knowledge, something that will allow them to be more competitive in the world of work.

In addition, they will find guides for the preparation of a good resume, which allows them to highlight their skills in the framework of a selection process.

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In that sense, in the ‘Apply’ module, Porvenir publish all vacancies nationwide to which they can apply young people to work with the company, either for professional internships, in the area of ​​customer service, business consulting and other available job offers.

This initiative, which will boost employment in the youth population, has the support of different companies that join the program with an educational and employability approach (educational institutions, compensation funds and job boards). Example of them are Comfenalco Antioquia, and Magneto Jobs, which will allow offering greater national coverage.

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